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Trouble In Egypt

Hi folks, Just a quick post today – or more of a cross-post actually – to let you know that I released a song about Egypt on my main site. There’s more information about it there, including chords and lyrics

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Debate The Digital Economy Bill

Hello folks, today I have a very serious matter to discuss with you. The Digital Economy Bill is being passed through parliament in the UK right now. This is the law which would allow UK citizens to be disconnected from

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A Message To Mandy

As many of you know I’ve been supporting the Open Rights Group for some time. You’ll see the little banner in the sidebar of this site.  They campaign on behalf of ordinary people in the UK and try to protect

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Use Your Voice

Today is polling day for the European Elections in Britain, I realise this is last minute but I wanted to remind everyone to use their vote. About 10 days ago I went to a Billy Bragg concert in Liverpool, I

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Weekly Rewind #16

Phew it’s hot today. As Robin Williams said in Good Morning Vietnam “It’s hot!! Damn hot!!”. I’m sat on the sofa doing very little and still sweating like an overweight tourist. I’m not in very good shape, so sweating for

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Weekly Rewind #11

O hai, it’s time for another Weekly Rewind already. It’s been an interesting week punctuated by some very cool events. It all started with Linux Outlaws 88 on Monday night, as my weeks always seem to do these days. We

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