What’s Happening With OggCamp Dan?

The first OggCamp back in 2009

The first OggCamp back in 2009

It’s a question I hear a lot and I’m glad you asked. I’m currently on holiday in France but OggCamp business presses on regardless. Thanks in large part to having a bit of free time and available WiFi. I thought I’d also take the opportunity today to publicly answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

You’ve probably seen that we announced the date and venue a few weeks ago. After many months of wrangling I’m really pleased to say we’ll be back at the John Lennon School Of Art & Design in Liverpool on Halloween weekend 2015. That’s October 31st & November 1st. Obviously I’m thinking we’ll need a Halloween theme of some sort for the artwork. That also brings me neatly onto some organisational differences this year.
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Linux Outlaws: Going Out With A Bang

Hello everyone, my last post here was to inform you all of the impending retirement of Linux Outlaws, a podcast I’ve produced with my friend Fabian Scherschel for over 7 years now. It prompted many nice messages and comments and that’s really touching. I’m writing today to tell you that our last stand (aka the final show) will be live this Monday Dec 15th @ 7pm UTC.

We’d like to get as many people on board as possible for the final live recording and take your questions via IRC, Twitter and email. We’ll also be accepting audio questions and comments before the show if you want to send us an email with an audio file attached. Please keep it under 2 minutes long as we’ll have a lot to get through and we can’t accept anything over that. Around a minute would be perfect. Ask us anything you like, related to the show or not. Anything goes. Simply email linuxoutlaws@sixgun.org before Monday Dec 15th.
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Linux Outlaws – Nothing Lasts Forever

Old LInux Outlaws cover art circa 2008 or 9

Some Classic LO Artwork

Hello everyone, damn it’s been a long time since I wrote here hasn’t it? Sorry for that. A quick look at the previous post shows it was back at the end of February. A mere 8 months ago. It’s been a busy year and I wish I could say I was returning today to bring you good news but I’m not really. Don’t panic, I’m not dying or anything (at least I hope not) and it’s nothing to be apprehensive about. I just wanted to share some news with you. Read more ›

Batman Shopping: It’s A Philosophy

The classic bat shaped batman logo in black with yellow background
The classic bat shaped batman logo in black with yellow background

Batman Logo

Hello folks, today I thought I’d share some recent thoughts I had on the subject of shopping. You know, that thing you do when the fridge is empty. Sounds riveting doesn’t it? But stick with me. If you’re anything like me you probably hate shopping with a passion. People walking into you, pushing you out of the way, having to fight over the last decent bits of fruit and veg before they’re all gone. It’s just not fun. At least not to me. I don’t understand people who want to wander around shops all day as if it’s a pass time or a sport. It’s not, it just bloody isn’t, get a proper hobby! I guess in this regard I am 100% male. Although I don’t want to draw gender boundaries too firmly because I know plenty of women with no love for shopping either. I think it’s more of a personality thing.

The only time I will concede to enjoying this activity is going to record shops or perhaps music shops. No they’re not the same thing. Record shops are where you buy records, or more likely download mp3’s these days, showing my age there. Music shops are where you go to buy a guitar or a drum kit, or maybe a kazoo, at least in my world. I can spend hours sifting though old vinyl or tinkering with guitars and keyboards quite happily, but don’t ask me to spend hours looking at bloody clothes or other such tat. If you’ve met me you probably realised pretty quickly that I don’t much care for clothes, or at least shopping for them. They are a means to an end, they keep me warm and stop me getting arrested for public nudity. We don’t want a repeat of that incident, it totally ruined my day at Chester Zoo. The penguins have never forgiven me. Anyway, I’m going way off track now, sorry hehehe 🙂 Read more ›

The Music Of Ignite Liverpool 17

Ignite Liverpool logo

Ignite Liverpool

Hello folks, my last post here was building up to a regular event in Liverpool we like call Ignite. No, it’s nothing to do with setting fires (that joke just never gets old does it?). It’s actually a great night of 5 minute talks about all kinds of interesting topics. They tend to be pretty random but they’re always fun and entertaining. For my part as the resident sound man and techie I like to pick music that I feel matches each talk and play it for the audience. I could look up the list of talk topics beforehand and prepare, know what I’m doing and yada yada yada. Whatever… Read more ›

Iginite Liverpool – Feb 13th – Igniting Your Imagination

A group of people sat at tables and in theatre rows clapping, laughing and enjoying Ignite.

Some of the revellers at Ignite 14

Today I’d like to talk to you about an upcoming event called Ignite Liverpool. Ignite has been going for around 4 years now and I’ve been involved since the start. It’s one of the my favourite events and a source of great pride. In case you don’t know Ignite events are nothing to do with petrol and matches, sorry. Instead they’re supposed to help people share ideas in a quick format and fire up discussion. Each presenter gets a strict 5 minutes and 20 slides. They prepare the slide deck themselves but slides auto advance every 15 seconds. When the last one is done you’ve had your 5 mins and a long shepherd’s crook comes out from behind a curtain to hook your leg and drag you off stage. Ok, so I might have made up last bit but nevertheless your time is over! You’re outta here! As American baseball referees seem to love to shout. Read more ›