Month: April 2007

Nero Linux, do we need it?

I heard about this story from a couple of different sources and it’s only fair to give them credit. The first was the Linux Action Show podcast and the 2nd was a Lifehacker article. So anyway, the popular proprietary disc

Thoughts On Feisty

Well Ubuntu 7.04 has been out a few days now and I thought it was time I recorded some thoughts and opinions on it. I had a nightmare getting hold of the ISO on Thursday when it came out but

The Fawn Is Almost Upon Us (Ubuntu 7.04)

Well there’s not long to wait now. The new edition of Ubuntu 7.04 “The Feisty Fawn” is due for release tomorrow (Thursday 19th April) and personally I can’t wait. As you probably know by now if you’ve been here before,

HowTo: Export playlists from Rhythmbox

I was browsing the Ubuntu Forums today and someone asked “How can I export my playlists from RhythmBox?”, how easy must that be I thought. I was wrong. I had a look under the “music” menu thinking there would be

Going Loco For OpenMoko

The OpenMoko project is aiming to give us a fully open-source, Linux platform for phones and mobile devices. “Free your phone” it says on their main page, that sounds good to me. Apparently it will implement a full Linux Kernel

I found the F-Spot ;-)

I found another great application on my Ubuntu desktop today I hadn’t used before. It’s a photo editor/manager called F-Spot, kind of like an open-source Picasa if you will. I thought I’d share my experiences. It all came about because