My Hacker Key

I’ve been working on a project called GeekGrep lately with some guys from Canada, isn’t the Internet wonderful for that sort of stuff. Anyway, I’m digressing from the point, so the idea of it is to create a searchable database of geeks with unique identifying codes. The code describes what you are interested in and other personal facts. It’s a great way of showing a lot of information about yourself in a small number of characters and less typing is always a good thing in my book. We’ve been looking round at various different codes available to do just this and I have found my out and out favorite.

It’s called the Hacker Key. Check it out here:

It takes about 10-15mins to create your key and I think it’s well worth it. I intend to display mine with pride from now on, well I’m gonna post it on here at least, I’m not getting it tattooed on my forehead or anything πŸ™‚


Just click the key to open the decoder and see what it actually means. You’ll know more about me than you ever wanted to πŸ˜‰

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