You call that unlimited??!!!

I received an email this morning about a petition to stop broadband companies calling their products unlimited when they’re not. It’s a subject close to my heart after my experiences with Tiscali lately.

I bought an “unlimited” broadband package from them last September and quickly realized I wasn’t getting what I’d paid for. How stupid of me to think that unlimited meant I could use it as much as a I wanted, apparently it doesn’t. I find that my service is totally limited, they block nearly all my ports for long periods everyday, about the only thing I can do is surf the web between 4pm and 11pm. It sucks. But because it was in the small print of my contract I’ve got to just accept it till the deal runs out. To top it all off the speed of the service is crap at peak times, I find just loading Gmail can make me long for the days of dial-up networking. That’s just insult added to injury.

So even though it’s too late for me, I’d like to think that by doing this I can maybe prevent other people from falling into the same trap. I’m so noble…. haha not 🙂 Like that guy in every war film who always says “it’s to late for me save yourselves!!”

Anyway, if you feel like I do. Please sign this and show your support.

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