Month: May 2007

Django proves it’s scalability for traffic-heavy sites

As you may know if you read this regularly I’m a big fan of Django, the Python based web development framework. I love it and I’m certainly not alone, Google are using it amongst others. In many ways Django is

Red Hat finally weighs in on the MS patent wars

Linux distributor Red Hat inc has finally got off the fence and weighed in on the now exploding Microsoft/Linux patent wars. I’m not sure it was really Microsoft’s intention to kick off a full scale intellectual property war but the

Dell Launches 3 Ubuntu Machines… well kind of anyway

Well, after all the excitement and anticipation Dell has launched 3 machines pre-loaded with Ubuntu Linux but only in the US. As a UK resident I’m a little disappointed, I’ve been waiting and saving my money patiently for a shiny

New York Stock Exchange Migrates To Unix and Linux

Here’s an interesting story I came across the other day. The New York Stock Exhange is migrating it’s computer mainframe to Unix and Linux servers. A major task without doubt and it’s great to see such a massive institution putting

OpenCola – Open Source Cola

It seems the open source ethos can be applied to all kinds of things, not just software. There is even an open source cola now called OpenCola. It’s licensed under the GNU Public License meaning the ingredients and recipe are

Sun steps up and says to MS “Hey!! Pick on someone your own size”

In a somewhat surprising move Sun Microsystems has offered to use it’s considerable patent portfolio to help protect Red Hat and Ubuntu from Microsoft’s legal threats. Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz made the statement recently in his blog and while it’s