Fixing NTFS drive eject problems in Ubuntu 7.04

I’ve been using Feisty for a few weeks now and as I said in an earlier post I love it, for the most part anyway. There are a few little bugs that have caused me minor frustration and this is definitely one, so I thought I’d share the solution with you 😉

I found that setting up NTFS read & write permissions was a lot easier with Feisty than with Edgy, a great improvement has been made here. If you have an NTFS drive on your Ubuntu 7.04 machine (internal or external) all you need to do is the following terminal command:

sudo apt-get install ntfs-config

Now go to System Tools on your main menu and you’ll see an entry for “NTFS Configuration Tool” so open it. You’ll see the following pop-up:

All I had to do was tick the box and when I plugged in my USB drive, hey presto I could read and write. Honestly thats it, how easy is that?

Now that should be where our story ends but unfortunately it’s not. When I came to eject my removable NTFS drive I got an error saying “cannot eject drive” then it was immediately remounted. Arggh!!! Just when you think you’ve sorted everything. But not to worry, I found the solution at and it was originally posted by evilc, respect to you evilc you saved my life and probably a lot of other peoples as well 🙂

You have to run this command in a terminal to fix the problem:

sudo mv /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/10osvendor/10-storage-policy.fdi /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/10osvendor/storage-policy.fdi.bak

It doesn’t take effect until the next time the drive is plugged in but it did fix the problem for me. If you are stuck with your drive still plugged in and you can’t get it to eject normally (as I was) do the following in a terminal:

sudo eject /dev/sda5

sda5 is the name of my mount point, so replace it with the right name for your drive and it should eject cleanly. The next time you plug in the drive the “unmount volume” link on the drive shortcut should work fine for you.

Once again many thanks to evilc for discovering this, check out the original post here –


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