Ubuntu listed in PC World Top 20 Products of 2007

I’m not normally a big fan of PC World if I’m honest. I’ve never shopped there and I doubt I ever will. I’ll never forget standing in a PC World store and listening to the assistant confidently telling a customer “So you want to backup all your digital media stuff ok, I think this box of floppy disks is just what you need”. This wasn’t in the days before writable CDs or anything, oh no. It was only 2 years ago 😀

Anyway, enough of that. PC World have listed Ubuntu at number 16 in their top products of 2007, so they’re not all bad. I think maybe we could have done a bit better than number 16 but forgetting that for now I hope it increases public awareness of this great OS. I don’t know what kind of audience this product review has but I suppose any kind of exposure is good for Ubuntu. It can’t hurt can it.

Check out the full listing here

So well done PC World, you’ve done something right. All you need to do now is start promoting Ubuntu and other open source software in your stores, also dumping all your copies of Vista in the nearest landfill wouldn’t hurt either. Come on you know it makes sense 😉

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