Month: June 2007

Video: The New Comiz Fusion 3D Desktop

Hey folks, me again. Just a quick post this time because I really think you should checkout this cool video. It’s the new combined Compiz Fusion 3D desktop live in action. A while back the Compiz Project was forked (split

Mandriva Stands Up For Linux

Mandriva has become the latest Linux distributor to publicly reject the prospect of a patent deal with Microsoft. This is great news I think, a lot of people will be indifferent and say that Mandriva doesn’t really matter any more

Early Plans For Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon Revealed

It only seems like yesterday that Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn was released but it was a couple of months back now and talk of the next release is already rife. It will be Ubuntu 7.10, codenamed Gutsy Gibbon. This week

Ubuntu Founder Says No To Any Potential Patent-based Deal With MS

The Linux / Microsoft patent war rages on it seems. Many Linux distributors have decided to make deals with Microsoft in the wake of their patent claims while others have dismissed it out of hand. There is widespread speculation about

Linux Video Commercial

Just happened to stumble across this and thought it was funny. A video advert for Linux. Enjoy 🙂

Another One Bites The Dust – Linspire/Microsoft

Well it seems that the domino effect has really kicked in and Linux distributions are queuing up now to whore themselves out to Microsoft, the biggest baddest pimp on the block “I want all my money bitch!!!”. Linspire has now