Another One Bites The Dust – Linspire/Microsoft

Well it seems that the domino effect has really kicked in and Linux distributions are queuing up now to whore themselves out to Microsoft, the biggest baddest pimp on the block “I want all my money bitch!!!”. Linspire has now rolled over. The strategy seems obvious from Microsoft’s point of view, divide and conquer, sadly it seems to be working pretty well. I have no problem with Linux distributions cooperating with Microsoft and working together, it’s a positive step really but why are we doing it on their terms and accepting their bogus patent claims?

We are loading the gun, handing it to them and pointing it to our own heads. Why??!! Before all these companies started signing patent deals Microsoft had nothing…. let me repeat that NOTHING!!!! Legally speaking I mean. Now their case is being strengthened by the day as it becomes folklore that Linux isn’t safe and if you use it Microsoft will sue you. This really pisses me off as you can tell by the tone of this discourse.

I can see why these companies want to deal with Microsoft, it makes sense to get what they need to advance their business and improve intolerability with Windows. This is all good stuff, I like it but the bitter pill to swallow is that MS have loaded the contacts and said “agree to this patent stuff and you can have what you want”.

This post is opinion-heavy and fact-light I know but I don’t even wanna write about this in detail anymore so go and read the proper story here and make up your own mind.

CNet News – Microsoft Signs Technology Pact With Linspire

I know it’s easy for me to say this and sound all “holier than thou”, I don’t own a Linux distribution and I don’t have to make these decisions. Who knows what I would do in this situation but it just bugs me, you know? I’m a little bugged right now ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. This is so funny. Iยดm a Linspire User (besides other distros) since years and receive their newsletters ever since – and there is NO distro developer who was stating more “propaganda” against Microsoft then Linspire!

    There goes the neighborhood…

  2. Yeah I’ve tried Linspire in the past but wasn’t that impressed with it. I think they started out really anti-Microsoft with the Lindows name and all that but they got hammered in court by the Redmond legal department and since then they’ve been backing down and backing down.

    It’s sad to see, I just hope more distros don’t follow their lead but they probably will. I’d put money on Red Hat, Ubuntu & Debian being the last major ones standing. I could be wrong though who knows how it will go.

  3. Red Hat might fall as well. They are business whores, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Yeah possibly you’re right, time will tell. Mark Shuttleworth has come out and rejected the idea of any deal with Microsoft. That’s my next blog entry sorted then ๐Ÿ™‚

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