Month: July 2007

Next Ubuntu LTS release announced

This story came out a few days ago but I haven’t been able to update the blog in a while, sorry everyone. I still think it’s relevant and I’ve decided to run with it anyway, so here goes 😉 Mark

Ain’t It The Truth :)

This image is amazing, hilarious and so true in a tongue in cheek way. It sums up my feelings about Microsoft and Apple pretty well I’d say 🙂 It found this on so check them out – original post

Ubuntu 7.10 Tribe 3 Released

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the pace of developments in the Open Source world, most Linux distros have a new release out every 6 months and while some people think it would be better to make it an

Sign The Anti-OOXML Petition

There’s a new petition against Microsoft’s attempt to undermine the ISO document standardisation process. Please sign it if you care about freedom and don’t want to see MS creating bogus “open” standards. If you don’t know what I’m talking

Video: MPS – Touch Me I’m Open Source

I spotted this great video on Gizmodo before and thought I’d share it with you. It’s a demonstration of the new Linux-based answer to Microsoft Surface called MPS. It’s not quite as fancy as the MS offering just yet but

Linus Torvalds On Patent Infringement

I spotted an interview today with Linus Torvalds the creator of Linux (the name is a big clue) and I wanted to share some key points with you. Mainly it was his reply to the first question about Microsoft’s patent