Month: August 2007

The Sucessor To Ubuntu 7.10 has already been named…

…and Gutsy isn’t even out yet. I read today on Jono Bacon’s blog that the new code name has been selected for Ubuntu 8.04 already. Jono is one of the hosts on a podcast I love called LUGradio and he

Is Ubuntu getting too big? …are you serious?!!

More Ubuntu news for you this time folks (I do like other distros as well honest), the 5th alpha testing release of Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon is now available for download. In line with all the other alphas in this

I think I just saw a real Firefox?!!

A slightly off-beat post from me today but I looked out of the window this morning and saw this cat on the roof of my car, my first thought was the Firefox logo. Could this be the illusive and fabled

What do you do when Skype crashes worldwide?…

…basically nothing if you’re anything like me. As I’m sure most people have realised by now, Skype went down today worldwide and it’s causing havoc because so many people have come to rely on it. I was planning to record

Fancy An Ubuntu Machine From Dell? …I Do

The other day I heard after months of waiting that Dell had finally released Ubuntu machines in the UK. So today I finally got a chance to see for myself and look on the Dell website. It’s not immediately obvious

Lenovo To Release Linux Laptops

Good news for freedom lovers everywhere as another hardware manufacturer follows Dell’s lead into Linux land. The latest is Lenovo, a branch of IBM known for it’s laptops. They announced at the LinuxWorld expo this week that they’ll be selling