Month: September 2007

Say Goodbye To Microsoft

I encountered an interesting new piece of software recently, it allows you to install Debian Linux from within Windows, it’s a Win32 program. Crazy hey? I had heard of programs like this before, there is often talk in the Ubuntu

Here Comes Trouble – Linux Outlaws Podcast

As I have mentioned a little bit on here before, I’ve been doing quite a lot of podcasting lately. Not something I can honestly say I planned to do but it’s great fun and I think I’m getting better at

SCO Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy… ha ha

It seems as though SCO (the company that tried to discredit and threaten Linux) may be going down the tubes, we can only hope. It was announced on Friday that they have filed in court for Chapter 11 bankruptcy under

Lenovo Hinting At Ubuntu Notebook Offering

In the wake of the Dell/Ubuntu deal it seems other manufacturers are keen to test the Linux waters out. There have been strong rumours that HP is thinking of a Linux offering for some time but no real evidence as

IBM Gets Serious About Development

Great news today for fans of and the OpenDocument Format (ODF) as industry giants IBM have pledged to funnel resources into development of the open source office suite. Big Blue has backed from a distance for some time

ATi To Open Source 3D drivers, it’s official

The big news in the Linux world this week seems to be that graphic card manufacturer ATi is to open source the drivers and specs for it’s cards in the near future. According to they heard the news first