Month: October 2007

Another Day Another Distro – Part 5 – Debian 4.0 Etch

After a short delay I continued my tour and made it onto Debian Etch. One slight problem though, I managed to accidentally install the 64bit version of Etch which gave me the usual problems with Flash and other things. These

Another Day Another Distro – Part 4 – PCLinuxOS 2007

So after my positive experience of Mandriva 2008 it was time to reluctantly pack my bags and move on. My destination this time was PCLinuxOS 2007 which is not a distribution I’d tried before. So without further ado here is

Another Day Another Distro – Part 3 – Mandriva One 2008

After a slight delay here is the third instalment of my Linux tour. On Wednesday of this week I wiped openSUSE off my machine and decided to try Mandriva 2008 next. I used to Mandrake a lot a few years

Apologies For The Slight Delay

Hey folks, as you’ve probably noticed I haven’t posted any more updates on my Linux distribution adventure in the last couple of days. The reason for this is that I’ve been so busy with podcasts and other such folly I

Another Day Another Distro – Part 2 – OpenSUSE 10.3

The second distribution in my weeks tour is openSUSE 10.3 if you missed the first part of this series you might want to quickly glance at it to check my hardware specs and so on before reading on, I won’t

Another Day Another Distro – Part 1 – Ubuntu 7.10 RC

As I’ve mentioned a few times recently I plan to spend this week travelling around the Linux world and installing a new distribution each day, I will be catching up with some old friends and hopefully discovering some new ones.