Search For Linux In Google And Get Your MS Propaganda Now!!

As I may have mentioned before I’m planning a week of experimentation with different Linux distributions each day for the next few days and as part of that I was searching for a download for PCLinuxOS 2007. Naturally I decided to put the search terms “pclinuxos download” into Google and this is the screen that greeted me….

Have a look at the number one sponsored entry, it’s rather ambigously called “Linux Download” but look at the address below and you can see it’s a Microsoft propaganda page called Get The Facts. What fucking facts are these?!!! It also says “read in depth 3rd party performance analysis of Linux and Windows” 3rd party analysis… on the MS website?? Who are they trying to kid? The page that greets you when you follow this link is some very helpful and unbiased 3rd analysis which basically boils down to these few points:

1. Linux is shit, it’s not safe, it’s slow and insecure, you need Windows!!
2. Linux is shit, it’s not safe, it’s slow and insecure, you need Windows!!

and lastly…

3. Linux is shit, it’s not safe, it’s slow and insecure, you need Windows!!!! P.S we might sue you if you try anything else.

Very fair and balanced you’d have to agree, so it seems that MS are hoping people who type “linux download” into Google will see the link titled… erm… “linux download” and then read all their Linux bashing crap, think better of it and put in that order for Windows server 2008. This is just the sort of dirty tactic we have come to expect from those makers of that lovely, secure, high performance operating system. Oh hang on… which one gets all the viruses and spyware again I forgot???

So head over to Microsoft now and GET THE BULLSHIT!!!

I really hope nobody is taken in by this but sadly I fear some people will, if you don’t know much about Linux and this is your first attempt to download it you might just be put off and that’s a real shame. Once again the MS FUD machine rolls on.


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