Month: November 2007

Another Day Another Distro – Part 11 – The Aftermath

Previously… on Adventures In Open Source 🙂 About a month ago now I decided to spend a week trying out a few different Linux distros to broaden my horizons and get a feel for the current lay of the land.

Update: Under The Weather

Hey folks, sorry for the delay. I seem to have caught some cold bug this week and it’s slowed me down. I hope to do my round up of the distros I’ve looked at so far and post it over

Another Day Another Distro – Part 10 – Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna

I had planned to wrap up this series with a short overview but then someone pointed out to me that in the search for an “easy to use” distro I’d missed something out, Linux Mint. They were right and since

Another Day Another Distro – Part 9 – Fedora 8

Apologies for the slight delay in publishing this review but life got in my way a bit as it invariably does, the upside though is that I spent a few days with Fedora 8 rather than just one or two

Another Day Another Distro – Part 8 – SimplyMEPIS 7.0 Beta 6

This time around I decided to try out another distribution I’d never used before in the shape of MEPIS. I started off with simplyMEPIS 6.5 which seemed a bit dated but luckily it was pointed out to me that 7.0

Another Day Another Distro – Part 7 – Sabayon 1.1 Professional

So here we go again, another distro has made it to the front of the queue and this time it’s the relatively new release Sabayon 1.1 Professional. I tried out version 3.2 of the main distro a while back but