Month: December 2007

Update: Trying To Dodge The Microsoft Tax

Hey folks, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. 2008 is just around the corner, where did 2007 go? Anyway, bare with me this post is relevant to Linux and open source honest. I’ve been wanting to replace my clunky

Review: Zenwalk 4.8 – Does Easier Mean Easy?

Hey folks sorry for the delay, I seem to say that at the start of every article but the festive season has caused havoc lately. Anyway, I’ve been running Zenwalk 4.8 almost a week now and it did give some

Pardus 2007.3 Lynx review on Linux Planet

Hey folks, my review of Pardus 2007.3 has just been published on Linux Planet so please go and check it out. It’s a very interesting distribution, I think you’ll like it… well I hope you will anyway 🙂 I’m

Update: Keeping Busy As Always

Hey folks, just wanted to keep you up to date with what I’ve been doing this week. I recorded episode 15 of Linux Outlaws with Fabian on Wednesday which hopefully should be out over the weekend. The show is taking

Review: gOS 1.0 – What’s All The Fuss About?

Hey folks, sorry it’s been a while but I’m finally back with another distro review. I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the new gOS from Google. It’s the OS that comes installed on the Everex Green PCs and they’ve

Update: My Report Card Says “Must Try Harder”

Hey Folks, sorry for the lack of updates in the last couple of weeks, a combination of illness, distraction and my general laziness have conspired to slow my march to a crawl. I do have a few things I wanted