Pardus 2007.3 Lynx review on Linux Planet

Hey folks, my review of Pardus 2007.3 has just been published on Linux Planet so please go and check it out. It’s a very interesting distribution, I think you’ll like it… well I hope you will anyway 🙂

I’m having some fun getting my graphics card to work with Zenwalk at the moment, editing config files with VI to get the X server working but I still plan to publish that review ASAP so expect it soon. In the meantime you can have a read about Pardus 2007.3 to keep you busy.

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  1. I had similiar issues trying to get zenwalk to work on my pc as well.
    I eventually had to change from the “nv” driver to the “vesa” driver.
    unfortunately, I had to give up on the distro for the time being because I was unable to get my internet running, which I found out later was because I need a newer kernel in order to detect my ethernet. (which leaves a bit of a catch-22 situation)

    anyway, good luck, looking forward to the review.

  2. Thanks mashandar, I’ve managed to install the Nvidia drivers and get the correct resolution using this guide –

    It’s certainly not for beginners I wouldn’t say but I think I’m getting the hang of Zenwalk. I’m also getting used to using VIM at runlevel 3 to fix x server problems hehe 🙂

  3. Oh dear, here’s that link again so it doesn’t get cut off.

  4. thanks a lot for the guide 🙂

    now to get that internet connection working. if I can find some kernel packages I should be fine, but I may even consider compiling a kernel from source.
    I’m not expert on linux yet, but I’ve always been willing to learn 🙂

  5. just wanted to give an update:

    I got the internet connection working.
    (in zenwalk 4.8 right now)
    zenwalk actually has a pretty up-to-date kernel, it’s just that zenwalk doesn’t have DHCP enabled by default.

    anyway, now I can use that guide to get my nvidia drivers up and running 🙂

  6. dan
    sounds like you have zen4.8 up and running. great! is xfce 4 fast ?

    slack derivatives are a bit more hands on, no argument from me, but i have become familiar with them, prefer them now. and i’ve had few hardware issues (luckily).

    xfce will be more modest, compared to gnome, keep that in mind. and zen has a smaller app set by design. you should be able find anything you need at linuxpackages, elsewhere w/o a build.

    I have found zen’s burner app “weak”, and I usually proceed to d/l dependencies for k3b burner, along with one / two of my preferred music apps.

    look forward to your zen review.

  7. dan pardus is based on gentoo.

    good luck with zen.

  8. Yep I’ve got Zenwalk working and I’m using XFCE 4 at the moment, I know it’s a lightweight window manager so I won’t compare it directly to Gnome or KDE. I can’t say that I’ve noticed it being a lot faster though. I have a fast machine so I find even the heavier stuff works quickly, that might explain the lack of difference for me. It would be great on older hardware though I reckon.

    Is Pardus really based on Gentoo? I didn’t know that, thanks for telling me. I searched the net for ages looking at information about Pardus because I wanted to try and be sure I had the facts right, there’s a lot of misleading information out there then. Even Distrowatch said in 2005 that Pardus was a completely fresh distribution and unique. If you could send me any links you have on it I’d be very grateful, looks like I could use them 😉

    Glad the networking stuff worked for you mashandar, I had that problem too. I had to open the network manager and enable DHCP to get a network connection. It should really ask you about that during install like other distros do I think.

  9. yes, I agree, DHCP is usually automatically configured for just about every other distro I have tried.

    being someone who likes to do a bit of programming, I quite like this distro, although the one thing that has been nagging me is the fact that I feel the repos given for zenwalk are not nearly as plentiful as other distros, requiring me to download the source and compile some libraries that might be easily found in ubuntu, for instance.


    basiclly its my second source confirming that, my first source is in hebrew (sorry :/) but in there is mentioned package creation system very much resrmbles gentoos ebuilds.

    anyway you are more right than me this time, since it was loosly based on gentoo at the begining and went as a far as really being its own distro.

  11. Hmm that’s very interesting thanks Leon. Let’s just agree that we’re both right then hehe 😉

  12. Hey Dan, congrats on getting published on Linux Planet!

  13. Thank you very much and thanks to everyone else who’s read this blog in the last few months. The support has been amazing and I appreciate all the feedback a lot.

    Hope you all enjoy the holiday season 🙂

  14. I don’t know how you experience Zenwalk but for me – despite the attractive philosophy behind it – it’s sadly not the right distro. I like the idea of a lightweight and fast distribution and this is exactly what I would need for my mothers old machine. Sadly, Zenwalk is (as you might expect from a Slackware-derivat) not as foolproof as I would like it to be. Now I’m anticipating XFCE-Mint. Debian would maybe a good choice too… .

  15. Bye the way: I really like your review-style. Keep on with the good work ;).

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