Update: Disaster Strikes

Hey folks, just wanted to update you on the situation. I’ve had something of a disaster with my studio/testing machine. I fitted removable hard drive trays a few weeks ago and all was going well but this week the computer has been acting a little strange. Lots of hard disk I/O errors and now it won’t boot at all with any of my hard disks. I’ve stripped it down and tried a few things to isolate the hardware fault but so far no luck. The disks are all ok and I’ve now found that it’s not the trays either so that leaves me with the motherboard. If that’s the problem then it’s going the a royal pain to fix and will delay my distro testing and reviewing quite a bit, not to mention my studio work as this machine doubles as the hub of my music studio. Hence the swapable drives.

So I’m gonna keep working on it and see what I can do but I dunno how long it’s gonna take. I thought I should let you all know ASAP. On the review front I’ll write up somemthing about Hardy I think. I’ve got it on the laptop I’m using right now and thankfully this machine is still working well. The disk I installed Arch on is hopefully ok but I can’t boot it in the testing machine at the moment. I still need to finish getting Arch up to a fully working desktop and there doesn’t seem much point writing about it until I do that. I may have to try and get hold of another machine for testing purposes but it’s gonna be next week before I can sort something out.

In the meantime, watch out for my thoughts on Ubuntu 8.04. Thanks for your patience. Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly 🙂



  1. ouch… I did the same thing a couple years ago with really cheap trays and had overheating problems from the start. I had to put up the bucks for a couple better quality trays and all has been well since then. Good luck Dan.

  2. Thanks for the advice, maybe that’s it. I’ll be knee deep in computer parts today trying to figure this out. I’ll get it sorted one way or another, just dunno when 🙂

  3. This is going to sound an unusual thing to check but I’ve recently had some issues with my hard disks and power management. Couldn’t figure out what it was until I checked the main power cable attached to the motherboard, it was in but didn’t look seated properly so I took it out, left it a few minutes and then put it back in and it all works fine now. I think I must have caught it when I was taking a drive out of my machine.

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