Year: 2009

2009: Quite A Year

I thought I’d finish off the year by sharing some of my favourite memories of 2009 with you. It’s been quite a year for me and included many new experiences and acquaintances. I hope 2010 turns out to be as

Distro Review: Linux Mint 8

I’m a bit late with this review I know, but the distro releases have been so thick and fast lately I just couldn’t keep up. Today I’d like to talk to you about Linux Mint 8, AKA Helena. I’ve said

Weekly Rewind #45

Ho ho ho! A festive Rewind for you today. Well, it includes Christmas Day anyway. I trust everyone is having a good holiday season? I’ve caught my regular Christmas cold, it seems to happen every year and I dunno why,

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Firefox On The Nokia N900

I’ve got a quick tutorial of sorts for you today. As you may have read in my last update, I was very lucky to receive an N900 Linux-based phone from Nokia last week. I’ll do a proper in-depth write up

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Weekly Rewind #44

Greetings all, it’s a quiet Sunday afternoon here at Lynch Towers and the perfect time to update you with another Weekly Rewind. I’ll begin on Tuesday this time because last weeks article was delayed again and I’ve already covered Monday.

I Am A Wookie!!

Ok, a completely bizarre post for you today, but I just had to share this with everyone. I was sent this in an email by faithful Linux Outlaws listener and friend of the show Les “Quarter” Pounder. It’s a Linux