Month: January 2009

Update: Lugging Once Again

Howdy everyone, just wanted to fill you in on recent events and some of the stuff I have upcoming. Last night I recorded a very long interview with Miguel De Icaza of Novell for Linux Outlaws which was fascinating. I’ve

Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase

I don’t know if everyone’s aware of it but the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase is open for submissions at the moment. We mentioned it on Linux Outlaws before Christmas and I said at the time I’d make an audio entry

Tip: Gapless Playback In Rhythmbox

Howdy folks. This is just a quick tip for any Rhythmbox users out there who like me get annoyed with gaps between tracks when playing their favourite albums. When you’re listening to an average album it doesn’t really matter but

Upgrading Dell BIOS from Linux (Deb-based systems)

An account of my experience upgrading the BIOS on my Dell m1330 notebook on Linux and also a guide to the process on Ubuntu and Debian-based distributions. I found it fixed significant noise problems with my fan.

Update: Welcome To The New Digs

Hey folks, well you may notice that things have changed a little around here, those of you reading this in an RSS reader probably wont but please click through to the new site and have a look. This is my

Update: New Year, New Beginnings

Hey folks, this is just a quick post to update you about some plans l have for this site in the New Year. I want to take this blog and other projects like Linux Outlaws on to bigger and better