Month: February 2009

Don’t Kiss That Frog!

The title of this post may not make a lot of sense at first but hopefully it will once you’ve seen the video below. Regular readers will know I try to keep the blog on topic most of the time,

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Distro Review: Sabayon 4.0

It may have been a while but I decided I should really get distro hopping again seriously. I like to try out new software, it’s almost a geeky form of OCD and besides, it makes for great review fodder I

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Weekly Rewind #2

Hey folks, it’s pretty late on Sunday night but I just realised I’d almost forgotten about my new series. I’m calling it the Weekly Rewind, it’s just a round up of my week really which hopefully contains some interesting and

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Rabbit Resemblance?

I’m following one jokey picture post directly with another here which seems like a slight blogging faux par. I like to mix things up normally but then you get sent an image like this and all plans go out of

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I Like The Source

A friend bought me this Family Guy calendar for Christmas and when I saw today’s entry it seemed oddly appropriate. It’s Brian saying “I like the sauce”, ok so it’s spelt differently but I thought to myself… I like the

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The Weekly Rewind #1

Hey folks, just wanted to round up the events of the last week. I noticed I did this last Sunday and it’s becoming a bit of habit, so perhaps I should make it a regular series. A set day would