The Weekly Rewind #1

We need a title
We need a title

Hey folks, just wanted to round up the events of the last week. I noticed I did this last Sunday and it’s becoming a bit of habit, so perhaps I should make it a regular series. A set day would probably be a good idea and Sunday seems a good choice, I’m already late with the first one but start as you mean to go on I say 😉 It needs a name though and I’m not sure of a good one, The Week That Was? Nah, too long. Weekly Roundup? Mmm… that’s not really working for me either. If you have any suggestions for a title then please drop me a comment, all sensible suggestions will be considered and probably some stupid ones as well. For now I’ve just called it The Week, sounds kind of imposing and possibly a tad pretentious but it’s short and I can spell it so it’s a winner. Right then lets get going with issue 1.

Edit: I’ve actually changed the title to The Weekly Rewind which I really love, thanks to Rob for his comment suggesting this 🙂

Last Wednesday we recorded Linux Outlaws 77 which still isn’t out at the time of writing but hopefully will be very soon (crosses fingers). We had a really full show with loads of news, reviews of both Crunchee and Crunchbang 8.10.02, an interesting chat with Steve McIntyre (Debian Project Leader) and a killer closing song from Smashing Pumpkins that we could legally play, good stuff.

6ix Toys and Liverpool Twestival
6ix Toys at Liverpool Twestival

Thursday night I went to Liverpool Twestival and had a great time. Sadly I didn’t win anything in the raffle, despite buying quite a few strips of tickets but as the money was all for good causes who cares. The auction seemed to go pretty well too and some of the items were a bit eclectic to say the least, a couple of pairs of Stephen Fry’s worn socks for example. I couldn’t afford to keep up with the bidding and I wasn’t sure I really wanted some used socks but it later occurred to me they could be used to clone Fry and make the ultimate pub quiz team. An opportunity missed there then, never mind. The music was great and I loved watching 6ix Toys particularly, I’ve been hammering their album for about 3 weeks now and I really recommend them as a good contemporary funk band. (6ix Toys picture taken by Jennifer Welch, you can see more here). I didn’t get a chance to meet and talk to everyone on the night sadly but that always leaves more for next time I suppose. We raised £507 in the end and a good time was had by all. Big thanks to everyone who worked so hard to pull the event off at short notice. You can read more about it on organsier Mandy Phillips’ blog.

Late on Saturday night Debian Lenny was finally released. I sat reloading the Debian website all day waiting and it seems the actual release came pretty late on. They said it would be out on Feb 14th which was Valentines Day but I think they must have been referring to Hawaiian time or something. I have my net install CD downloaded and ready to go. At the moment though I’m still testing Sabayon 4 with mixed results and I’ll report back on that later in the week. The next distro hop will be to Lenny I think, I’m eager to try it out. One thing worth noting, I’ve been using Evolution to manage my email on Sabayon and shock horror, I think I like it. Haven’t used a proper mail client like this since I was on Windows all those years ago with Outlook. Not sure I’ll stick with it full time after more distro hops but we’ll see.

As for upcoming events this week, I’m not sure what I have planned right now but no doubt some things will happen, they invariably do. So let’s see what the week brings. Take care everyone, speak to you soon



  1. Just as a question of curiosity: Did you ever try Claws Mail?

  2. By the way, is the Debian release done on Silicon Valley time like the others?

    • @mjjzf I haven’t tried Claws yet no but a few people have told me it’s good. Perhaps a tour of mail clients is in order for comparison, could make a good article too. I did wonder if Debian’s release was done on Californian time but since I know a lot of the developers are European and the DPL lives in the UK, I expected it to be at an earlier time. It’s not a problem, after months of waiting a few hours hardly makes a difference just thought it was worth a mention 🙂

  3. The lenny release schedule was on UTC.One Debian developer’s blog (Joerg Jaspert‘s, though the blog is down ATM) had an hour-by-hour planned schedule of actions for Feb 14.His post (Lenny Release, readable on Planet Debian) noted that the ftpmaster push was scheduled for Feb 14 2300 UTC to allow the archive mirrors to sync.I did #apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade (with apt-listbugs already installed) yesterday (Monday) after editing my sources.list from lenny to squeeze, the new testing.

  4. @Mike Thanks for the information, I was told by a few people the release was scheduled for 2300 as the day went on and I kept checking the website after 2300 on Saturday but didn’t see any changes, even after midnight. In the end I went to bed and when I checked on Sunday afternoon the site had been updated. Perhaps the website isn’t the first thing to be updated and I understand that, it’s the first place people will look though, that’s all I was saying. This is not a criticism or a complaint of any sort so I hope people don’t take it as that, I was just passing comment. A few hours is neither here nor there IMO 🙂

  5. The Week suggestion: Weekly Rewind

    • @rob Ooh that’s good thanks, I like that suggestion. I’m getting images of an old cassette tape for the logo as well. That could look great I think, thanks so much! 😀

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