Month: March 2009

Ubuntu 9.04 Party Manchester

Hey folks, I’m going to break the habit of a life time here and actually tell you about an event in enough time to make plans for it. Usually I’m a failmeister and only announce these things at the very

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Weekly Rewind #7

Another week, another dollar. Ok so that’s not the exact saying but you get the idea. It’s been quite a packed and interesting few days; there’s much to report and reflect on, and I hope you’ll find some it interesting.

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Video: Rock The Dock

Just a quick post to clear up something we recently discussed on Linux Outlaws. I’m a big fan of Gnome Do, the little tool that makes launching apps on your desktop faster and easier. In recent versions – 0.8.x and

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Document Freedom Day 2009

You may already know about this but I thought I should give you a quick nudge – admittedly a last minute one –  in the direction of Document Freedom Day. Tomorrow, 25th of March 2009 will be the 2nd global

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Weekly Rewind #6

A quick look at my watch tells me it’s Weekly Rewind time again so here comes a round up of what I got up to this week.  It all started on Monday when I recorded an interview with Matt Lee

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Distro Review: Debian Lenny

Ok it’s time for another distro review and I’m a bit overdue with this one but I’m a big fan of Debian and the dedicated community who develop it I make no secret of that. When I reviewed Etch (4.0)

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