Month: April 2009

Kitteh-Butt Protection

Ok this is a bit silly… actually scratch that, it’s very silly but it made me smile. Besides, I’ve never needed an excuse to be silly. As usual I’m massively behind on my RSS news feeds and while going through

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Weekly Rewind #11

O hai, it’s time for another Weekly Rewind already. It’s been an interesting week punctuated by some very cool events. It all started with Linux Outlaws 88 on Monday night, as my weeks always seem to do these days. We

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Jargon Jam – Distro

Today I thought I’d continue my new series of Jargon Jam articles. In the first article I talked about the word Linux itself. If you missed that, firstly where were you? I expect to see a note from your mum.

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Weekly Rewind #10

Well well well, now then, don’t worry I’m not turning into Jimmy Saville “now then, now then”; I’m just a bit shocked that it’s the 10th Weekly Rewind already. How did 10 weeks pass by so quickly? Anyway, much like

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Don’t Believe The Hype

Yesterday saw some pretty monumental news as the administrators of The Pirate Bay – one of the top BitTorrent trackers – were convicted by a Swedish court and handed down hefty sentences. The trial had been going on for some

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A Day To Remember

Hey folks, please forgive this off topic post but today (April 15th) is a very significant day. If you listen to the podcast or read this blog, then chances are you’ll have heard me mention my love for Liverpool FC.

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