Weekly Rewind #11

The Weekly Rewind

The Weekly Rewind

O hai, it’s time for another Weekly Rewind already. It’s been an interesting week punctuated by some very cool events. It all started with Linux Outlaws 88 on Monday night, as my weeks always seem to do these days. We got a bit closer to starting the show on time but unfortunately my ISP decided to cut me off just as we were due to start. There wasn’t a lot I could do about it but luckily we only started about half an hour late. For us 30mins late is practically early, if that makes any sense. We recorded about 2 hours worth of material and I managed to dodge the editing bullet this week, sorry Fab 😉 Despite the technical adversity the podcast was released on Wednesday night as normal, that’s mainly due to Fab’s hard work in editing.

It’s been a pretty quiet week as far as new blog posts go, but I’ve been racing to try and finish this Script Fenzy challenge. That’s my excuse anyway and I’m sticking to it. In case you’ve missed it somehow over the last few weeks, I’m trying to write 100 page screenplay in 30 days. I’ve never done any sort of script before in my life. I have written white papers, magazine articles and even the odd shopping list in my time, but never actual fiction. I think it’s going well so far and once I have some sort of respectable edited draft I’ll let people read it. I met up with the other folks from the Liverpool group in 3345 Parr St on Wednesday night and we had a lot of fun. At the moment I’m on 78 pages, I need to another 22 by midnight on Thursday. It’s going to be dramatic… and for once that’s not a deliberate pun, honest. On Thursday I got down to some technical writing and published the second of my Jargon Jam articles. I concentrated on the word “distro” this time. It’s one we use a lot without really considering if it means anything to those outside of our exclusive geeky circle.

People watching Big Buck Bunny

People watching Big Buck Bunny

Sticking with geeky subjects, I had great fun at the Ubuntu Release Party in Manchester on Friday night. It was great to catch up with some old friends and also make some new ones too. I even met a couple of podcast fans and it’s always nice to put names to faces. The event was held at the BBC Manchester bar and for once I managed not to get lost. I must confess I had 2 people in the car with me to help though, that might be what it was. Nevertheless it was fun hanging out in the BBC bar and some eagle eyed members of LivLUG even spotted Gordon Burns (Burno as I prefer to call him) in the other part of the bar. He presents the local evening news here and he’s probably best known for the cult show The Krypton Factor, it was big in the 80’s and I remember seeing him on telly a lot as a kid. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to ask him if he uses Ubuntu, he shot off pretty quickly; to be fair he probably wasn’t expecting to be confronted by 100 crazy Linux hackers. The event went really well and I was a little surprised to see my face on some Linux Outlaws posters dotted around the BBC as we arrived. It’s the first time I’ve seen any LO posters that I didn’t actually put up myself. Many thanks to Lucy for that and also for doing a great job of organizing everything. Andrew Williams (AKA Nik_Doof) took some great photos and posted them all to Flickr, including one of me looking very bored. I wasn’t actually sat in a corner staring at the wall on my own as it appears, I was intently listening to JonTheNiceGuy talking about iptables, I swear!

I was paying attention honest

I was paying attention honest

It seems phone wars are the new distro wars for FOSS geeks. I came to this conclusion because of the battles going on between the G1, Freerunner and iPhone owners at the event. I managed to confirm once and for all that the Freerunner can make phone calls when Tim Dobson proved it by calling me. He said he uses an Orange PAYG sim, so I’m not sure where all the stories that they can’t make calls originated from. Anyway, after much geekiness we ended up in a student bar near the BBC and it was a great night.


We’ll be doing Linux Outlaws tomorrow as always. Please feel free to come and join us on linuxoutlaws.com/live from 7pm UK (6pm UTC). We’re still using Ustream at the moment but I had a good chat with some of the guys about Icecast streaming. I’ll keep working on that, thanks for the suggestions one and all. I’ll install Chakra this week after much procrastination and get a quick review out in the next couple of days. I’ve been distracted by other things this week, nothing new there. I’m also working on the next episode of the Software Freedom Law Show as we speak, you’ll be able to hear that on Tuesday. Hopefully by Thursday I’ll have completed my script and the end of Script Frenzy should afford me some time to do other things. I’ll be back with another update next Sunday but till then take care of yourselves and stay open source.


Pictures published courtesy of Nik_Doof, full set can be found on Flickr


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