Month: June 2009

Firefox 3.5 Lands

Just a quick post to let you all know that Firefox 3.5 was launched today. In case you somehow missed the discussions about it all over the web, it’s supposed to be a lot faster than Firefox 3. I’m running

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Weekly Rewind #20

You may recall from my last Weekly Rewind that I’d travelled to Bonn, Germany to visit my Linux Outlaws co-host Fab, and his girlfriend Katy. They came over and stayed with me last year for LugRadio Live 08. So to

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Weekly Rewind #19

Guten Tag! Oh sorry, I mean hello. Welcome (wilkommen) to the 19th Weekly Rewind, and as you might guess I’m in Germany. I’m visiting my Linux Outlaws co-host Fab in Bonn. Feeling a bit tired after a long trip yesterday

Distro Review: Linux Mint 7 Gloria

Time for another distro review, and this time I thought I’d look at the latest version of  a distribution I’ve enjoyed a lot in the past. Linux Mint 7, AKA Gloria. I’m tempted to make references to Van Morrison here,

Weekly Rewind #18

We’re up to Weekly Rewind number 18, the legal drinking age in the UK, though you wouldn’t know it looking at the state of the 14 year olds around here on a Friday night. That’s British culture for you I – Film Meets Freedom

I’m a big fan of Free Culture and free open source web services too, licensed under the AGPL. The example I use most is probably, because I’m a noisy git and I like talking to people. I also wrote

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