Weekly Rewind #17

The Weekly Rewind

The Weekly Rewind

It’s time for Weekly Rewind number 17 and although I say this every week, it really has been an eventful one this time. After writing last week’s WR in the blazing heat, the weather has turned decidedly more British today. It’s gray and dull, just the way we like it… honest. Shortly after I posted that article I got down to doing the first episode of my new show Rathole Radio. In case you somehow missed my spamming everywhere with promotion for this, it’s a new music show with live performances and much more. The first one went pretty well I thought. I streamed it live and also released the results unedited as a podcast. I’ve had a lot of nice comments and it’s been fun. I look forward to doing another show next week. Hope you can join me at ratholeradio.org/live at 9pm UK time on Sunday.

Bob's JACK Talk

Bob's JACK Talk

On Monday we did Linux Outlaws as always. That went very well, despite the heat. I managed to combat dehydration with a bottle of beer given to me by Derrick from Chester LUG, it was very much appreciated. I also released Rathole Radio later in the evening after some food. It was a late night. On Wednesday it was Liverpool LUG as usual. We had a great talk from Bob Ham about JACK, a subject close to my heart. The talk started earlier than planned and I missed a bit so there wasn’t much point in recording it. Completely my own fault as I should have arrived earlier but I’m a failmeister when it comes to time keeping. I enjoyed what I saw of the presentation very much and I thought Bob did a great job. I didn’t realise he’d actually written quite a few well known audio applications, so total respect for that. I also resisted the urge to say “you don’t know JACK!” at some point. I was quite proud of myself, it doesn’t take much.

On Thursday I did some work on a few websites and also watched a lot of the European Election coverage. The results are due out tonight and I can’t help fearing we’ll end up with at least one BNP candidate winning. We could end up as Nick Griffin as one of our North West MEP’s, he would effectively be representing me and that thought disgusts me too my core. I would like to say something else but I’ll restrain myself for now. I wrote about the subject already on the blog so I will spare you.

Stuart Landridge

Stuart Landridge

I had the pleasure of joining Fab to interview Stuart Langridge on Friday for the podcast. We recorded the interview on the phone, it ran about half an hour and was great fun. We discussed Ubuntu One which he now work on, LugRadio Live, Liverpool FC and all kinds of other rubbish. You should be able to hear that in the next Linux Outlaws on Wednesday. I also edited the next episode of the Software Freedom Law Show that day. You’ll be able to hear that when it’s released on Tuesday, it’s a fun show and make sure you listen through till the end of the closing music. I’m not going to tell you what happens but it’s worth it. Last night i went out with some friends from the Script Frenzy group in Liverpool. It was a good night which culminated in visiting a new bar called Studio 2. I was somewhat shocked by this as it’s actually the old Studio 2 at Parr Street Studios, a world class recording studio where many platinum records have been made. Everyone who’s anyone has been to Parr St and now it’s a bar, which kind of made me sad, but I was told Studio 1 is still fully functional and possibly Studio 3 upstairs. As an audio engineer and music geek in Liverpool, Parr St was always the place to be. It’s certainly different to see a bar where the mixing desk used to be. It has a nice atmosphere though and I suspect I may be visiting there again. They have live music nights which look good.

I’m not sure what else I did this week but I have a horrible feeling I’ve missed a few big things. Oh well, I can’t remember now, it was a bit of a blur. I’m sure it’ll come back to me at some stage. He says confidently :S

Looking Forward:

Next week I’ll record Linux Outlaws episode 96 on Monday night. We’ll be streaming live as always and everyone is welcome to join us at 7pm UK time over at linuxoutlaws.com/live, episode 100 is looming ever nearer. I’m off to see Bill Bailey in Manchester on Tuesday night and I can’t wait. I’ve seen him live a couple of times before but he’s one of my favourite comedians and he’s always great. I didn’t publish my Linux Mint review as I’d promised so I will aim to do that in the next 7 days. I also have some exclusive news about a new AGPL web site and possibly and interview, but I’m keeping quiet on the details for now. Stay tuned. There will also be more Rathole Radio next Sunday but I may get another WR in before, we’ll see.

Have a good week everyone, I’ll speak to you soon.


LivLug picture used courtesy of Andrew Williams (Nik Doof) under CC BY-SA license.


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