Month: July 2009

What Century Is This?

Please forgive the forthcoming rant, but I wanted to relate my recent trials in trying to send some money to Germany via electronic transfer. As some of you will know I went to Germany last month to visit my Linux

LinuxCon 2009 in Portland

Well well well, do I have some exciting news to share with you today. You may or may not know that the Linux Foundation – employers of Linus Torvalds himself – are holding their first ever annual conference this year

Weekly Rewind #24

Greetings all and welcome to another Weekly Rewind, number 24. Half way to the meaning of life, which as everyone knows is 42. (EDIT: Thanks to Barry for pointing out in the comments that 24 is not half of 42,

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My Manchester Talk Slides

On Tuesday night (July 21st) I gave a talk at a meeting of the Manchester Free Software group. It was about audio production with Linux and Free Software. Basically how I produce many podcasts and other things using only Free

One Dead Laptop

I’ve mentioned in recent Weekly Rewinds about intermittent problems with my trusty (now not so trusty) Dell XPS m1330 laptop. It seems I’ve fallen foul of the known defect in some of the Nvidia cards shipped by Dell. I’ve had

Weekly Rewind #23

Sooooo, here we are at the 23rd Weekly Rewind. Doesn’t time fly? When you’re reading this waffle. Anyway, it’s been a reasonably quiet week by my standards but I have a feeling it’s only the lull before the storm. I’ll