Weekly Rewind #21

The Weekly Rewind

The Weekly Rewind

Hi ho, it’s another Weekly Rewind and this time we’re up to the symbolic number 21. Key of the door and all that. The legal drinking age in the US of course, something I’ve never really understood. I’m not trying to extol the virtues of alcohol for teenagers by any means, but I do find it a bit odd that you can drive a car or by a lethal weapon (not the Mel Gibson type) at 16 over there, while drinking a beer suddenly makes you a deviant. Anyway, I’m sidetracking things here already. There’s no exotic location this week, I’m not on a plane or in some exciting foreign country, I’m just sat on my couch. I’ve still had an interesting week though, so let’s get into it:

On Monday I spent a lot of time online as usual and did some bits of work, but tried to take it a bit easier overall. This was due to a very busy previous week jetting around, I’d only arrived home from Manchester Airport late the night before. On Tuesday I did bit more development work and general admin stuff. I also did some research on Fedora 11 and found time to write up a quick post about the release of Firefox 3.5, my open source web browser of choice. I was quite busy with various things on Wednesday and I’m sorry to say I missed the Liverpool LUG meeting in the evening. It’s the first LivLUG I’ve missed in about a year, and I wasn’t happy about it. My hitherto unblemished appearance record is now officially blemished. I also missed a talk by Tim Dobson about his group DFEY, but I’m told it was recorded which is good.

Steve Holden's Keynote

Steve Holden's Keynote

On Wednesday morning I headed down the M6 in my battered old Ford Fiesta towards Birmingham. My destination was the EuroPython 2009 conference, an annual meeting of Python hackers from all over the continent. I spent the whole day there and had a really great time chatting and meeting people. I’m not a Python guru by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like the language and I’ve done some web development with Django, a Python web framework. Some of the technical aspects of the talks were a little over my heard I must confess, but it was still entertaining. I took my Zoom H4 and recorded about 5 or 6 interviews at the event. I talked to many Python developers, some of the event organizers, Bruce Eckel the well known technical author, and Steve Holden the head of the Python Software Foundation. They were all very gracious and hospitable. Hopefully you’ll hear some of those interviews in future episodes of Linux Outlaws, and if we can’t fit them all in, I’ll be sure to publish them here. I would like to give a big hearty thanks to John Pinner from Linux Emporium and Richard Taylor of Qinetiq for looking after me so marvelously on the day. John gave me a EuroPython t-shirt which I will wear proudly, and the majority of interviews I got were down to Richard’s kind assistance and keen eye for nabbing people. It seems the Python community is strong, vibrant but most of all, friendly. I’m very happy about that.

EuroPython Lightening Talks

EuroPython Lightening Talks

On Friday it was time to hit the keyboard (not literally) and get this 3000 word Fedora article written. I duly did that and published it yesterday, after a lot of editing and formatting work. I then went on to edit the next Software Freedom Law Show in the evening before bed. You’ll be able to hear that on Tuesday when Bradley releases it. Today I’ve been upgrading and working on a Drupal site of mine, I’ve also been setting up AdBard and ditching Google Ads. AdBard is 100% FSF approved and only shows FLOSS related adverts. I feel much happier with it, we’ll have to see how it works out.


At the time of writing I don’t know if there will be a live Linux Outlaws show tomorrow night or not. I’ll have to speak to Fab and find out. We’re getting ready to release our 100th episode very soon and he’s been working hard editing the backlog of shows all week. He has released both episode 98 and episode 99 in the last few days. Nice work!! There’ll be a live Rathole Radio show next Sunday at 9pm but I hope to get another article in before that. I’m not sure at this moment what else I have planned for the next 7 days, but no doubt something will come up. Why not join me next week to find out. Same time, same channel…


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