Month: August 2009

Weekly Rewind #29

Wow, we finally made it to Weekly Rewind number 29. A significant edition for me because it’s my age. You could be forgiven for thinking I must be at least 39 looking at me but what can I say, I

My Free Culture Interview

Hey folks, you may remember a little while ago I mentioned I’d been interviewed about free culture and online media by Karunya Keshav. It was in one of my Weekly Rewind articles. Karunya has been working on the project for

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OggCamp 2009 – October 25th

I want to make an announcement, admittedly a slightly redundant one now that everyone has already had a go (Popey & Tony), but damn it I’m going to say it anyway. As we mentioned on a recent episode of Linux

Weekly Rewind #28

It’s that time of the week already, time for the 28th Weekly Rewind article. I never imagined keeping this up that long when I started the series, it was only on a whim but so far I haven’t missed one.

Distro Review: Pardus Linux 2009

This week I revisited a distribution I first wrote about back in 2007, Pardus Linux. It’s developed by the Turkish National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptography, it has its own package management system called PISI (Packages Installed Successfully, as

Weekly Rewind #27

Another Weekly Rewind is upon us, number 27 no less. The weeks are flying by. The number is rapidly approaching my age, almost as rapidly as I approach baldness… but not quite. It’s a been a week filled with writing,