My Free Culture Interview

freecultureHey folks, you may remember a little while ago I mentioned I’d been interviewed about free culture and online media by Karunya Keshav. It was in one of my Weekly Rewind articles. Karunya has been working on the project for a while and I’m pleased to say it’s all finished now. She sent me some links today, so I thought I’d pass them on. It’s only a short audio interview but it came out really well I think, so thanks to her.

My Interview can be found here:

The whole site is very interesting actually and I particularly enjoyed the other interview with songwriter Ben Walker, an artist I know well myself. His music is well worth checking out, I’ve played it on Rathole Radio many times. The whole project is about free culture and how it’s changed the way people work online. A subject close to my heart as you know.

So go and check out the sites and the videos. They’re very cool. Congrats to Karunya 🙂


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