Weekly Rewind #27

rewindlogoAnother Weekly Rewind is upon us, number 27 no less. The weeks are flying by. The number is rapidly approaching my age, almost as rapidly as I approach baldness… but not quite. It’s a been a week filled with writing, audio editing, a Playstation fail and even the impromptu launch of an Internet radio station. So let’s get into the details:

On Monday we didn’t do a live Linux Outlaws as Fab was away on a motorcycle trip, so I edited some interviews I’d recorded at EuroPython 2009 for a special show. It’s been over a month since I recorded them now, so they were well due a release. I also processed and released Rathole Radio earlier in the day. It took about 3 hours just to do the show notes, you wouldn’t know looking at them but it’s true. The show was well received which is always rewarding. On Tuesday I installed Pardus Linux 2009 and set about testing it for a review. The Crunchbang article has had a lot of traffic this week and there’s been a lot of interesting comments too. Thanks to everyone for that. Late on Tuesday night (9pm to be precise) I rang Sony about my broken PS3. It decided to stop working over the previous day or so. It wouldn’t start up at all and despite my attempts to reset it, it seemed to think it was overheating all the time and switch itself off immediately. It was stone cold so there wasn’t an overheating problem. I checked the hard drive hoping that was the problem, since it’s quick and cheap to replace, sadly it wasn’t. After reading up on the problem it seems it’s been dubbed the “yellow light of death”, similar to the “red ring of death” on the Xbox. I’d never heard of it but according to what I’ve read it’s happened to quite a few people. Sony were very good on the phone and it took all of 7 minutes for them to agree to arrange a swap for free. I was a little worried they’d put up a fight because the machine was well over 12 months old but they didn’t. I’d even armed myself with a working knowledge of the Sale Of Goods Act 1979. Under that you can claim a free repair or refund on most items for up to 6 years in some cases, regardless of the warranty offered by the seller. That’s a UK law obviously. I was told someone would ring me back in the next 48 hours to arrange the exchange, I was very happy with that.

lo-coverartOn Wednesday I continued researching and testing Pardus. I also got on with some admin jobs and various other stuff. On Thursday I recorded some sections for Linux Outlaws 106 with Fab. Introductions to the various interviews and so on. I also wrote an article about software patents and my problems with them. On Friday I edited together Linux Outlaws and to my delight my replacement PS3 turned up in the afternoon. A courier came and took the old one away, furnishing me with a “re-manufactured” replacement. It looks brand new though and it works like a dream so I have no complaints. It only took a couple of days for Sony to come and replace my broken PS3. I won’t complain at that. After my recent experience with Dell it seems I have good luck with customer service. I put that down to my charming phone manner *ahem* 🙂

Another interesting thing happened on Friday. You may have heard me talking about using Icecast to stream Linux Outlaws and Rathole Radio, and I was talking to some friends about it. There’s a lot of dead time on the stream and I said they could use it if they wanted. I went down to my mate Howie’s and showed him how to connect to the server and broadcast. He has a massive record collection and a nice setup with decks and plenty of other kit. He called some other friends and before we knew it we had the completely spontaneous launch of an Internet radio station called Salvage Digital Radio. Not every day that happens. So on Friday night they began broadcasting with Pete The Sheet doing a show at 7pm and others following. We had some issues with outgoing bandwidth from the studio but we should have that sorted next week. I’ll have to get a website sorted and proper schedules for people to look up but it’s all very exciting. Linux Outlaws will be on Monday nights as usual. Rathole Radio every other Sunday, I might do RR more often since we’re making it into a proper station. Friday nights will be Pete The Sheet from 7pm and more shows from Chad Sexington, Bucky Digital, Herbie Green and others. There’ll also be stuff going on Saturday nights. Maybe we’ll get it going every night of the week as time goes on. It’s early days yet. This reminds me, I have some exciting news about Rathole Radio next Sunday 23rd. Professor Kliq will be playing live after my show. How amazing is that? I’ve been talking to Dan (his manager) and they want to stream a gig following my show. Maybe we’ll get more live gigs as time goes on, fingers crossed. Join me at 9pm UK time next Sunday for Rathole Radio and immediately after at 10pm we’ll have the gig. This broadcasting stuff is fun and it’s all a learning process, I hope I can use it more in future.


So, it’ll be Linux Outlaws Live as usual from 7pm (UK time) Monday night, come and join us on the live stream and also in the IRC channel on Freenode. I’ll be finishing off and publishing my Pardus article in the next couple of days. There’ll be more action on Salvage Digital Radio on Friday from 7pm and each night over the weekend, culminating with Professor Kliq live after Rathole Radio on Sunday night. It’s all exciting stuff, so tune in and join us. I’ll catch you next Sunday with another update.

Have a good week everyone,


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