Weekly Rewind #30

rewindlogoA slightly late Weekly Rewind this time but it’s the big “three oh”; that’s 30, in case you didn’t pick up the phonetics. It’s been an odd week really, I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, but interesting stuff still happened somehow. So let’s get into it…

On Monday it was Linux Outlaws as usual, with a great audience packed into the IRC channel for the live show. It’s really good to interact with people in the chat room as the show goes on. Mainly because they can correct us when we’re talking rubbish but shhh 😉 On Tuesday I began editing the show and also took my car to the garage to replace the blown out tire from last week. I ended up editing some of the podcast while sat in the waiting room with my laptop. I got strange looks from the mechanics and other people wandering past the window as I sat there with my HUGE headphones on, but I got a fair bit done and it was worth it. I also managed to drop well over £100 on 2 new tires. I’m useless when I go to garages, I always get fleeced. I know nothing about cars and engines, nothing, nada. They might as well be talking Greek, but like a typical bloke I’m not about to admit to that. “It’s your grubnuts mate, ooh that’s gonna be expensive”, “I was thinking it was the grubnuts yeah”. After spending a load of money I didn’t really have on some of the finest tires known to man, complete with lifetime guarentee, I remembered that the car’s going on the scrapage scheme in a month or so. The tires are probably worth more than the bloody car now!! I’ll be taking them off before it goes to the scrap heap, that’s for sure.

LivTux :)

On Wednesday I got the train over to Liverpool to meet up with a t-shirt maker and discuss merchandising for Linux Outlaws. I’ve been meaning to sort this out for about a year now and even by my standards, that’s bad. I got some more quotes and discussed ideas. Hopefully there’ll be something to announce on that soon. We have some amazing designs courtesy of Fab and I know people will love them. I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we have more information. I hung around in town and attended Liverpool LUG later that evening. It was great fun as always and we had a good attendance, but we really need to find a pub nearer to the Liverpool Social Centre. We usually walk down to the Wetherspoons which is great because it’s cheap and there’s plenty of room for our large group, but it’s at the other end of town. Space is the real issue, as most of the pubs near LSC are small and we can’t fit 15 people in for a meeting. I think perhaps we need to book a function room and do a deal with a nearer pub. If anyone knows of a good pub up that end of town (near Bold St) please let me know. Fab released episode 109 of the podcast while I was out the evening. I’m so rock and roll.

I got on with web development work and other things for the next couple of days. I also made up an audio trailer for OggCamp which I’m really happy with. After discussion with the Ubuntu UK folks, it’s been decided we shouldn’t release it until we’ve each had a chance to play it on our respective shows. I’ll be posting that here as soon as I can. I’m not sure the wisdom of holding back the promo until next week, with the actual event looming closer all the time. My feeling would be, get it out there as early as possible and pimp the thing to hell, but I’ll bow to the wishes of the group. I also have some video footage of my talk in Manchester to share with you all. I’ll do that in another post as this is already getting long.

Last night I did Rathole Radio live and I’m preparing that recording for release today. It was a lot of fun and I thank everyone who got involved and made it such a good show. The podcast will be up in an hour or two at RatholeRadio.org, so check that out. It was streamed live on Salvage Digital Radio and that project is still going well. I had fun listening in to the shows on Friday night. I’m discussing more possible content with various people at the moment. So stay tuned for more announcements on that.


There’ll be another Linux Outlaws Live tonight so please come and join us. You’ll be able too hear the OggCamp audio promo exclusively for the first time on the show as well, que the “ooohs” of excitement. I’ll be releasing Rathole Radio before that, as I mentioned. I’ll also be writing this long overdue SAM Linux review hopefully, posting the video of me in Manchester and getting into plenty of other trouble. I’ll report back on what unfolds next week. Until then, take care of yourselves and I’ll see you soon.



  1. I’m always impressed by the huge amount of time and work that you put in all of these projects. Lots of new things coming up. Looking forward to the Manchester talk video. I very much enjoy your rewinds, especially since something seems to break every week(laptop, playstation, car). They really are adventures in open-source 🙂

    • @zahnerstatz – Thanks, glad you enjoy them. I think the old saying fits best “if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right”. I try my best to get things right, don’t always succeed but you have to try. Hope TuxTux is going well. Something is always breaking on me at the moment yeah, let’s hope that gets better 😀

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