Month: November 2009

Weekly Rewind #41

It’s the forty first Weekly Rewind, and this update finds me sat on the couch in the studio. It’s a Monday afternoon and my feet are freezing, I’m sure all this additional information is fascinating to you. It’s been quite

Distro Review: OpenSUSE 11.2

There’ve been a lot of big releases in the Linux distro world lately, and none bigger than OpenSUSE 11.2, the latest offering from Novell. Novell can be a controversial company in some parts of the FOSS community, but whatever your

DS Orchestra Event

Just a quick post to let you know about an interesting event coming up in Liverpool next month. I mentioned in recent updates that I’ve been chatting with Ross Dalziel of Sound Network (amongst other people), about events in the

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Weekly Rewind #40

Howdy folks, welcome to another Weekly Rewind. It’s the big four oh already! Forty, I can hardly believe it. That’s the series by the way, not me, before you get any funny ideas. I may look about 40 but in

Weekly Rewind #39

Sooooo… time for Weekly Rewind number 39, and this update finds me sat in my front room nursing a beer late on a Monday night. We just recorded another Linux Outlaws earlier and it was a lot of fun as

Distro Review: Mandriva One 2010

Today I’d like to take a look at a newly released distribution, Mandriva 2010. In the past I’ve found it to be a well accomplished and easy to use desktop distro, even if the last release wasn’t quite as stellar

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