Weekly Rewind #38

rewindlogoIt’s a slightly late weekly rewind this time I’m afraid folks. I actually began writing this yesterday, I got about 200 words in and then managed to lose what I’d written. It’s all my own fault, user error. 200 words sounds like a lot but in my world that’s little more than a hello. I have a tendancy to be verbose and ramble, as I’m probably doing right now, but only to make my point you understand of course. Anyway, let’s get into the events of the week.

On Monday I processed and released the recording of Rathole Radio from the night before. We had some problems with iTunes corrupting the file last week but I’ve been told it’s working much better now. I haven’t changed anything since I started making the show, so I think it was just iTunes having a paddy with me. Damn you Steve Jobs!! I also sorted through all our emails and prepared for Linux Outlaws 120. We recorded that episode in the evening and Fab released it on Wednsday night as usual. It included our interview with Popey of the Ubuntu UK Podcast. On Tuesday I spent most of my time digging through HTML and CSS code fixing a site I built a few months ago. I used to write program code every day for a living and sometimes I miss those days, sat with headphones on staring at lines of code lost in my own world. It sounds boring but there was a great sense of achievement in being able to say I made that program, or I built that website. Maybe one day I’ll get back to that, somehow I doubt it though, we’ll see. I also synced the Outlaws recordings in the studio and sent them back to Fab.

On Wednesday night it was Liverpool LUG and this time we had not one talk  but two! Simon Johnson talked about building computers from the most basic components which was fascinating, and then our benevolent LUG overlord Andrew Williams gave an inspiring talk on contributing to Open Source projects. I recorded both talks with my H4 and edited the audio the next day. On Thursday I sorted out my studio a bit and did some recording. I got my Line 6 Pod XT all wired up and recorded some guitar parts for various ongoing projects. I really don’t get to play the guitar as much as I should these days, I get distracted. Whenever I do get time to really practise and come up with new ideas I remember just why I love music so much. I hope you’ll be able too hear some of these new tracks soon. I might even book some gigs who knows. We’ll have to see. On Friday in installed Mandriva 2010 for review and I’m writing this on the Gnome edition right now. I’ll test out the KDE version too and then write up a comprehensive review this week. Look out for that.

barcampmanchester2On Saturday I went over to the Liverpool Social Centre (where we hold the LUG) to sort out an ailing printer for them. I spent about an hour trying to sort it out and I also updated Ubuntu on the office machine while I was there. I lost track of time as one of those 10 minute jobs dragged on much longer, they tend to do that. I was late getting back to the car and my parking ticket had run out, but luckily no wardens had caught me and there weren’t any fines. I could sense this would be a good day, perhaps my luck was in. From there I burned down the M62 and hit the Contact Theatre in Manchester for Barcamp Manchester 2. I caught up with many friends there, watched some interesting talks and got involved in a few discussions. I watched my good friend Jon “the nice guy” Spriggs talk about encryption and online security, it was very informative and entertaining. The whole Barcamp event went really well actually and I have to say hats off to the organisers. We got free ice cream, pizza and beer (not in that order) amongst other treats, how could anybody not enjoy that? I discussed some interesting ideas for future events and projects with people and hung around till about 10pm, before heading off back home. On the way back I heard on the car radio that David Haye had won the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship, I am really pleased for him. I also saw the motorway was at a standstill due to an accident. Sneaking away down the slip road off and back on again at the next junction I found myself ahead of the accident by some distance, where the road was clear and open. Like I said, my luck was in this day. Yesterday I edited a new Software Freedom Law Show and prepared that. I spent a lot of time in the week working on a new design for this site and my overall DanLynch.org presence. I’m still working on that, it’s back to HTML/CSS code again, but I hope to have something new for you all to look at in the next few weeks. That pretty much brings us up to date.


We just did a Linux Outlaws live show and recording tonight as I write this, that should hopefully be out on Wednesday. I’ll have to do some work on the audio tomorrow amongst other things. I’ll be preparing for another Rathole Radio at the weekend, that should be fun. I also hope to finish off one of these new songs in the studio and share it with you all. I’ll write about Mandriva at length and then probably move on to something else. I don’t think I’ve got any geeky social events booked for this week but you never know, things can always turn up. If you want to find out what happens join me next week for another Rewind. Till then, take care of yourselves and be lucky 🙂


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