Weekly Rewind #46

Greetings everyone and welcome to the first Weekly Rewind of 2010. It feels weird to me saying 2010, where does the time go? Usually it takes me most of the year to start putting the right date on things, and then when I finally remember they change the bloody year again just to thwart me. Anyway, it’s been a reasonably quiet holiday week for me but there are still some events to relate.

For once the week didn’t start with a live Linux Outlaws session. I can’t remember the last time that happened, or didn’t happen should I say, but we took a week off and instead released a pre-recorded end of year show. It felt odd having a free Monday night but I won’t be getting used to them, it won’t happen again soon I suspect. Our end of year show included parodies of some of our other favourite Linux podcasts. They were all done lovingly and as we said on the show “we didn’t parody anyone we don’t like”, but you never know how people will take it. Thankfully everyone has been brilliant and taken it in the good spirit it was intended. The episode involved a lot more editing work than usual for Fab, even recording sound effects and all sorts. So well done to him for that. I’m waiting for someone to do a comeback recording and I’d certainly have no problem with that. You can’t take yourself too seriously. I used my free time well on Monday and released another Rathole Radio from the night before. I also did some work fixing up a website and tinkering with XHTML for someone.

BDO champion Ted Hankey
Ted Hankey winning Lakeside in 2009

On Tuesday I began writing my Linux Mint review which took a few hours and I was pleased to get that published on Wednesday. It took another couple of hours gathering screen shots and formatting it for the blog. The article has been very popular and I’m glad it’s caused so much discussion, there’s 68 comments on there already as I write this. In the evening I went to the pub for a bite to eat, a couple of pints and a few games of pool with my good friend Will. On New Year’s Eve I wrote and published a big review of my year. It’s amazing looking back at what happened to me in 2009, I can only wonder what 2010 has in store. I also fixed some problem with commenting in Drupal on the root of this site. It seemed to be a bug in Akismet but I’ve sorted it out now and comments can be posted again. In the evening I went to party hosted by some friends in Wallasey and had a really good laugh. I didn’t get home till god knows what time on Friday morning but luckily felt alright on New Year’s Day, despite the lack of sleep. Yesterday I watched a pretty average Liverpool match in the FA Cup and also watched the start of the BDO World Darts Championship at Lakeside. I also edited a new episode of the Software Freedom Law Show. In the evening I worked on a website for my parents and got on with some other little jobs. Today I’ve been out fixing the wireless network at my brothers house, which turned into a much larger job than I’d thought. That brings us up to date.


So for next week I’ll be doing Linux Outlaws tomorrow as usual but we’re moving the live show to the afternoon, it’s only for this week and won’t be a regular change. I realise lot’s of people who’d like to listen live will be at work at this time, sorry about that. I’ll also try to write about the N900 in detail this week. There’ll be Liverpool LUG on Wednesday night at 7pm if you care to join me, and there’ll be more Rathole Radio at the weekend. Outside of that I’m not sure what’s happening but you can be sure I’ll share it with you here next week. Till then, take care of yourselves and Happy New Year everyone!


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