Video: Blaggers Guide To Linux

Hi folks. As regular readers will know I tend not to post links and smaller bits of info here but instead save them up into my big weekly recap articles. I’m so busy right now though that finding time for that is tricky and it’s also made me realise I might be better off posting some things separately. So, in that new vain I have a couple of items I’d like to share with you.

Firstly the video from my Liverpool Ignite talk in March is now online for everyone to see. I gave a 5 minute talk entitled “The Blaggers Guide To Linux” which oddly seems to be 7mins on the video. I don’t remember going over time though. As it’s only short it shouldn’t be a big commitment for people to watch and hopefully enjoy the content. I tried to convey why I think Linux is cool and why I care about it to a mixture of technical and non-technical audience members. I’ve also uploaded the slides to my talk in ODF and MS Powerpoint formats so you can reuse them if you like.

I don’t know the licensing situation with the O’Reilly logos I had to include but as far as I’m concerned any parts I created are under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales, like everything else I do. I hope you enjoy the video. There’s a second Liverpool Ignite event scheduled for tomorrow if anyone wants to come along. It’s Thurs 15th April 6pm – 8pm at the Contemporary Urban Centre in town. There’ll be an assortment of 5 minute talks on different topics. I’m not talking this time but will certainly be there and may even get roped into being MC. Who knows.

The second thing I have to tell you about is my guest post on the Liverpool Echo & Daily Post Tech Blog. It’s all about OggCamp10 and why people should come along and check it out, you can read it here. I’m very excited that it was included and I have to give a big thanks to editor extraordinare Alison Gow for her help. I’ll hopefully be doing more things like this to promote OggCamp and the Rathole Radio gig in the next couple of weeks. There’s not long to go now, how exciting!

I’ll write up some of the other events in the last week in the next day or so, it’s been a fun time. Speak to you soon, take care πŸ™‚



  1. I’ve been tempted to do a presentation like this for my Linux Administration class to dispell some bad vibes my other classmates have gotten due to outdated Fedora installs and other such stuff…but why make my own, when I can just use Method Dan’s?!

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