Month: August 2010

Weekly Rewind #66

Howdy folks. Apologies for missing an article last week. It was a very busy weekend and I just didn’t get the time, I’ll tell you about that in a minute. I was surprised to learn this week that some friends

All AMPed Up

Hey folks, just a very quick post to let you know I presented the AMPed podcast this week. It’s the weekly round up from the Association Of Music Podcasting which I joined quite recently. The show contains music submitted by

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Weekly Rewind #65

Time for another Weekly Rewind and although it’s already Tuesday I’m not half as late as last week. I had a lot of stuff to talk about with the camping trip and man did I go on, nearly 2000 words

Weekly Rewind #64

Note: This was written 11th Aug, but didn’t get a chance to post. Will you still need me? …Will you still feed me? …When I’m 64. Yes that’s right folks it’s Weekly Rewind number 64 already, feels like it’s come

Weekly Rewind #63

Hello… hellooooo… is this thing on? It’s finally time for another Weekly Rewind. You could be forgiven for thinking it should be called the Monthly Rewind, or even the Annual Rewind of late. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to