Weekly Rewind #68

Greetings all and welcome to another Weekly Rewind. Number 68 this time and it’s been a while since my last post. I actually started writing this article on Monday (Sept 20th), intending to update you all on the events of the previous week. Things overcame me however and as I’d only written 79 words there was no great hardship in starting again. So let’s talk about the last 14 days instead of 7. Beginning with Sunday September 12th…

20lb Sounds (my band) assembled at Wally Road studios on Sunday evening to do some recording. I should probably explain the joke behind that name. We usually practice at Walsingham Road where Ross lives and I suggested we shorten this to Wally Road, dunno if it’ll stick. The Beatles had Abbey Road, so we have Wally Road, and while it might be quite as posh it’s perfect for us. The recording itself mainly involves Gary working his Cubase magic with a laptop as we play live tracks into the system. We did a couple of tunes but they still aren’t quite ready for the ears of the world I don’t think. They should be ready soon and I hope we can start putting stuff up on the band website. I still need to actually build a proper website and remove the holding page we currently have.

I’ll skip over the early part of the following week as it wasn’t that interesting, I managed to develop quite a bad cold. So much so that I couldn’t sing for a while and band practices halted. That’s getting better now I’m pleased to say. Despite my cold I made another appearance on FLOSS Weekly on Wednesday Sept 15th. We interviewed Patrick Balleux about his project WebCamStudio For GNU/Linux and I found it fascinating. While he admitted that right now it’s still largely just a toy, he has great vision and ideas for the future. You can hear that on episode 135. I also felt a bit more relaxed and bedded into the TWIT Network protocol at last. There aren’t any strict rules really other than the obvious ban on swearing or content that wouldn’t be considered family friendly. Randal is great to work with and very relaxed which helps. I’m starting to feel like I can throw in jokes more now and occasionally even interrupt (just a little) so that’s good. I enjoy doing the show a lot and hope to do many more if I’m lucky.

Engelbert Humperdinck album cover
Engelbert Humperdinck (what a name)

On Friday Sept 17th my cousin Anthony got married in North Wales. I put on my one “wedding and funeral” suit and actually travelled with him in the wedding car. I think he was slightly nervous and who could blame him. I managed to take his mind off things by making my usual incessant jokes and regaling the party (driver included) with bizarre trivia, a good example being the unknown darts playing prowess of Englebert Humperdinck. That sounds like the title of an undiscovered and probably unwritten Jane Austen novel hehe. Anyway, the wedding went brilliantly and it was good to see all the family there. On Saturday I was off to my friend Sarah’s gig with her choir in Ormskirk. She played at the Rathole Radio gig in April with the Reflect Harmony Group and I’ve enjoyed many of her gigs since. I was also picking up Anna from Scribblepool in town on the way. Just as I was emerging from the Mersey tunnel as the phone went. She told me she’d just happened upon an anti-BNP demonstration in the middle of town. For those who don’t know, the BNP are a racist right wing political party in the UK and not among my favourite people. They’d turned up in town unannounced and set up a rally, their leader Nick Griffin even showed up at one point but got chased away. I parked up the car and wandered down towards Central Station. I met up with Anna and fortunately after about 20mins of shouting the BNP got into their cars and left, we quickly did the same and hot tailed it to Ormskirk hoping we hadn’t missed the start of the gig. As luck would have it they were also delayed and we arrived in time for the start. We joined up with some other friends who’d come to support. The gig was great fun and Sarah did brilliantly, particularly in keeping all those young kids in one place for so long. They were like little balls of untameable energy and I must admit I felt slightly envious, I haven’t had that kind of energy in a while. It was a good night all round really, apart from the weather. It rained non stop the whole time.

On Sunday I watching Liverpool slip to defeat against Manchester United and got more worried about the state of our club these days. They say you have to hit rock bottom before you can start to bounce back and I really hope we’re somewhere near rock bottom at LFC now. I fear there may be a bit further to fall though. In the evening I broadcast another Rathole Radio and had good fun chatting with everyone. I had to skip the live tune though as my cold was still too bad. The following night the Linux Outlaws returned after a 3 week break as we got back into our usual Monday night live show. The show went on almost 2 hours and obviously we had a lot to cover, but I think realistically it was more to do with getting back at it and enjoying ourselves again. That show has now been released as Linux Outlaws 166 “Narwhals In Your Head”.

On Tuesday night I was kindly invited to a gig by my good friend mr Adrian McEwen. He’d won tickets to an evening at the new Shipping Forecast pub and venue in Slater St. I hadn’t been there before and I believe it’s not even been open that long. We saw a great collection of acoustic acts in the basement venue. It’s really small and initially I was dubious about the sound, but I have to say by the end I’d been won over. I was particularly impressed by Ragz. I’d never heard of her before to be honest but her voice is incredible, she was great. The Wilderness Of Manitoba were also a great finishing act. In the next couple of days I worked on some audio projects and if all goes well I’ll be able to reveal more about that soon. It’s all hush hush right now. I know I say cryptic stuff like that quite often here but it’s true, honest it is! On Thursday we got together with the band again and did some practice. That continued yesterday as we attempted to record more tracks at Wally Road. Sadly though everything that could go wrong duly did, and we never really got any usable recordings out of it. A catalogue of technical errors. I’m not downhearted though as it’s all good practice and I know we’ll learn from it. Sometimes things just go against you. Today I’ve taken it fairly easy, watched tv, cooked, eaten, watched tv, eaten, surfed the net… eaten etc. A good way to spend a Sunday if you can get the time. That brings us up to date.


Tomorrow night we’ll have more live Linux Outlaws as we continue our return. You can join us at live.linuxoutlaws.com from 7pm UK time. There’s chat via the IRC channel with live video and audio streams. Come and heckle us if you like. On Wednesday I have another FLOSS Weekly booked in. This time we’re talking about Plone the open source CMS and I’m keen to learn more about it. You can tune into that live at twit.tv/live from 5:30pm UK time. On Thursday I’ll be taking my laptop over to town and parking myself in Studio 2 Parr St for most of the day. It’s all part of the Jelly co-working event and I hope to get some work done, even in those plush surroundings. There’ll be more practice with the band later on probably and then there’s another live Rathole Radio on Sunday at 9pm. Exciting things are happening right now and I’ll tell you more about all of those as they develop. Until then, take care of yourselves.



  1. Your mention of Engelburt Humperdink just made me think of the Eddie Izzard jokes about how they came up with that name.

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