Year: 2011

I’m Still Alive

Wow… well this is¬†embarrassing isn’t it?¬†You skip writing one post and all of a sudden it’s 2 months later. I’ve been fairly busy since the end of October, that goes without saying. But I’ll endeavour to write up a proper

Weekly Rewind #100

Wow, we’re finally here. The 100th Weekly Rewind. It’s been a long road and by my calculations longer than it should have been. If I’d managed an update every single week since starting this series in early 2009 we’d have

The Flying Handbags

Hello all, apologies for the lack of Weekly Rewind updates lately. Things have been crazy. I do have a rather special treat for you today instead. A podcast recorded at Barcamp Blackpool on October 15th 2011. Let me fill in

Weekly Rewind #99

We’re almost there, almost at number 100 but not quite. This is Weekly Rewind 99, which I think should be alternatively titled “Would you like a flake with that?”. I don’t know how well that joke translates Internationally but here

Weekly Rewind #98

Hello everyone and greetings from a ridiculously hot Liverpool. It’s almost October and for some reason the weather just got really hot here for a few days. Maybe Al Gore was onto something after all, apart from his private jet,

Weekly Rewind #97

Hello and welcome to another Weekly Rewind. A slightly overdue one at that. Apologies for missing last week but it slipped under the radar. When I originally conceived of these updates I thought they’d be a nice Sunday afternoon activity.