Weekly Rewind #76

Hello everyone, welcome to another Weekly Rewind. It’s a little over a week this time but thankfully not as late as some of my other updates. I hope you’re having a great 2011 so far. I’ve been busy as hell and I’d like to take this opportunity to share all the events with you.

Let’s begin from Monday January 3rd and work from there. I spent most of the afternoon at band practice with 20lb Sounds in Dale Street and despite a worsening cold I thought it went well. We had the gig approaching at the weekend and with perfect timing I managed to get a bad cold and lose my voice a bit. Singing in tune was proving hard, not something I usually struggle with believe it or not. I tried to shake it off before the gig by spending a lot of time with my head over a bowl of hot water covered in a towel. It’s a good look, and besides Douglas Adams taught us long ago that the towel is the most useful item in anybody’s arsenal. With what was left of my voice I rushed home after practice to do the first live Linux Outlaws of 2011. It was so good to be back in the saddle (pardon the pun) after almost a month with no live shows. The IRC was buzzing and everyone had a good time I hope. The following day I synced up the recordings and did the preliminary editing before sending it to Fab. He released that show as Episode 184 “Thankruptcy” later in the week.

I also dropped my Dreamhost account on Tuesday. I don’t have anything against them but I signed up on some ridiculous $20 for 2 years introductory deal back at the beginning of 2009, my 2 years was now up. I don’t really use the hosting space because this site and many other things are hosted on my VPS. It didn’t seem worth paying over $200 to renew something I don’t make much use of anyway. To their credit Dreamhost make it really easy to manage your account (and cancel if needed) through the web control panel. I have no complaints about their service.

On Wednesday it was time to do my first full hosting slot on FLOSS Weekly, which was a little nerve wracking. Aaron Newcomb was the co-host and I was in charge of the ship this time while Randal was away. Our guest was Fred Dixon of BigBlueButton which is an online teaching and conferencing tool. I thought the show went really well and I managed to hide my nerves. Many people have since told me they enjoyed it a lot and I’m grateful for that, Aaron was a great co-host too. I’ll be hosting another 3 shows in February and March which should be fun. It’s totally different to doing Linux Outlaws but I enjoy both immensely. It’s odd to think that I’m hosting a show on the TWIT Network now because it’s so well known in geek circles. I can’t confess to listening to all the TWIT shows or being an avid follower but even I know how popular it is. The resulting show became FLOSS Weekly 147, every snooker player’s favourite number.

There was no let up in the podcasting as I recorded a special Linux Outlaws with Fab on Thursday afternoon. I reviewed Linux Mint 10 and also CyanogenMod 6.1, that show is now available as Episode 185 “Arm Dreads”. Later on Thursday we had our final practice before the big gig and on Friday I continued with other work but also tried to rest a bit for the big night.

So that brings us to gig time at the Vanilla Lounge in Hoylake. I managed to borrow a bigger car for the night which was quickly dubbed the “20lb Tour Bus”. We collected all of our PA, amps, guitars, drums etc from the rehearsal room, then headed over to the venue to set up. It really was smaller inside the venue than I’d remembered, but it had quite a cool atmosphere. The guy sitting at the bar looked the spitting image of Roy Hodgson who had just lost his job as manager of Liverpool FC earlier that day. I speculated he might be drowning his sorrows, but it wasn’t him. We did see one celebrity later that night as the singer from The Coral watched about an hour of our gig, he didn’t run off so hopefully that’s a good sign. The gig went really well and despite being told were “too loud” by the worried bar owners a couple of times I had great fun. All our friends and family really turned out for us and it was packed in that little place. We played for 90mins overall and that’s a pretty long gig by anyone’s standards. The new original songs went over well, we’ll have to get them recorded soon. After the gig we carted all the stuff back to Wallesey in the car and then had a bit of a party, I needed to unwind after a long and stressful day. Everyone who came along seemed to enjoy the gig and I was pleased with that, I don’t think we’ll be getting a repeat slot after complaints about the noise from the local residents though. How can a rock band be “too loud”? If anything I’m proud of that and we should have it quoted on our album covers. I felt a bit sorry for the bar managers getting hassle, but there was plenty of people in and takings must have been ok.

On Sunday I was pretty sore from the exertions the previous night but I had Rathole Radio to do. I nipped out in the afternoon and took all the band kit back over to Liverpool with Gary, then hot tailed it back home for the show. It went very well and although I couldn’t perform live people enjoyed the selection of tunes they tell me. It was a nice way to end a musical weekend. On Monday I did some audio editing and then we did another live Linux Outlaws in the evening, that hasn’t been released yet. Most of the rest of this week has been spent hunting for flats in the city centre. I think I might finally have something, touch wood. On Tuesday I released Rathole Radio 43 and you can download it now.


It’s Thursday afternoon as I write this and the last 7 days feel like a blur. More band practice tonight, the first since the gig. We’ll have to look for more gigs in the near future and I may have something lined up on that front already. I’ll let you know. Not sure what’s planned for the weekend but there’ll be more Linux Outlaws on Monday night. I hope to see some of you in the chatroom then, take care of yourselves in the mean time.

See ya,



  1. dang man….you need a week long nap.
    Really enjoyed LO ep 185… very linux-y

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