Weekly Rewind #83

What’s that up in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane?… why no, it’s another Weekly Rewind, and almost on time too. Welcome aboard everyone, there’s been lots of interesting stuff happening this week and a hell of a lot more to come. So let me fill you in.

I’ll begin with last Monday (March 21st). I got on with some paperwork during the day and had a couple of appointments in the afternoon. Then it was time to prepare for live Linux Outlaws in the evening. I closed our netbook competition and rationalised the final list of entrants for the draw. I also sorted through all the email and got it ready for the show notes. I’ve developed quite a good system for dealing with 100 or so emails efficiently now I think. The show went really well and our final netbook winner was from the UK, which thrilled me no end. A European winner is good for the overall distribution of prizes around the globe I think. Fab released that show at the weekend as episode 198 – “Don’t Mess With The Gunmonkey”.

Tuesday involved a lot of Rathole Radio stuff and gig prep. I really need to sell some tickets for this event at Easter. To aide in this I made an audio advert for the gig and a promo EP, featuring 2 tracks by each artist. If you’d like to download the free EP you can do so here. I need to get posters and flyers up around town ASAP and I’ll be attempting that in the next week. I’ve said this many times but let me bore you with one more recap – Sunday April 24th at The Zanzibar, Liverpool. Doors are 8pm. We have I Am Not Lefthanded, 20lb Sounds and Rob Warren for your listening pleasure. It’s a great line up and you can hear that from the EP. Tickets are £5 from the website.

FLOSS Weekly Album Art with Tux and BSD logo
FLOSS Weekly

I also released the latest episode of Rathole Radio and wrote on this very blog on Tuesday. I’ll skip over the boring stuff of Wednesday and concentrate on the fun bits. I made another 20lb Sounds live video and uploaded it to our website. I also sent a 20lb email newsletter and poked people about the gig via Facebook and other media. I had an appointment to co-host FLOSS Weekly with Randal and talk to 2600hz project in the evening. I arrived at the studio just before 17:00 UK, our usual start time is 17:30. But when I switched on all the studio kit I quickly realised the show had already started, oh no!! It seems they change to summer time a week earlier in the US then here and I was an hour out. Thankfully Randal was able to bring me into the interview neatly as they went along, for which I’m grateful. I was still on the start and end of the podcast because they’re recorded after the main interview. It worked out pretty well in the end, I asked some questions and we had a good laugh, but obviously I wish I’d been there on time. That became FLOSS Weekly 158 and you can download it from the TWIT website.

Later that evening I recorded a special secret episode of Linux Outlaws with Fab. I can’t tell you what that’s about yet but you’ll hear very soon. On Thursday I released the Rathole Roadshow EP and did more promotion. I also met up with the 20lb boys at our rehearsal room for an unplugged session. We have an acoustic gig on Friday April 1st at Gallery 2 in the FACT building in town. It’s a new challenge for us and being a loud rock band I wasn’t sure our songs would translate unplugged. They actually sound really good and I’m pleased. If you’d like to come along and see us then you’re more than welcome. Entry is free and the show starts at 18:30, which is quite early. I hope some people can come straight from work.

A picture of the Albert Dock and Liverpool's 3 Graces By Night
The Albert Dock, Liverpool

Right after band practice I headed to the Albert Dock for the Liverpool Twestival event which raised money for a local worthy charity. I also took some very basic flyers for my event and tried to get people interested. They were black text on a white background and I printed them myself, hardly classy but hopefully they did the job for now. Until I can get some professional ones made.

Over the weekend I tried to take it a bit easier but also managed to edit another episode of Free As In Freedom for Bradley and Karen. I made a diagram of my studio set up for our upcoming Linux Outlaws “how we make the show” episode, that’s not the secret one, sorry 😉 We did a show like this a long time ago, but it’s probably well out of date now. I took Fab’s SVG and adapted it in Inkscape, considerably expanding my limited experience of the program in the process.


The next week is going to be pretty busy, so let’s give you a run down. Tonight (Monday) we have another Linux Outlaws live at 19:00 (UK) as always. Come and join us at live.linuxoutlaws.com to enjoy the fun. On Wednesday Randal has asked me to join him again for FLOSS Weekly which I’m looking forward to. Hopefully I can make it on time this week, it should be back to 17:30 (UK). On Friday we have this gig at FACT, and on Saturday I make my way to Manchester as keynote speaker at the U-Cubed event. I haven’t written my speech yet so I need to get cracking with that this week, while also designing and ordering flyers/posters, posting out tickets and trying to sort the delivery of these 4 netbooks to various parts of the world. It’s going to be interesting and you can hear more about how it goes on the next rewind.

As always, take care until we meet again,


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