Month: July 2011

Weekly Rewind #93

Hello everyone and welcome to another Weekly Rewind. What a week it’s been in my little life. Lots of interesting, curious and exciting things have happened since we last met. I’ve actually been thinking of changing the title of this

Weekly Rewind #92

Weekly Rewind 92 is upon us already and life has continued for me amid the media onslaught in the UK concerning News International phone “hacking”. I put the word hacking in quotes there because most people don’t understand the term.

Weekly Rewind #91

It’s that time again, time for another Weekly Rewind. As I typed number 91 into the WordPress title box I suddenly became consious of the fact we’re rapidly heading for triple figures. Ok, so maybe “rapidly” is an exageration, but

Weekly Rewind #90

Hello and welcome to another update from my little world, what I like to call the Weekly Rewind. It’s a name somone suggested to me ages ago and it’s stuck. I like it and besides, it allows me to use