Weekly Rewind #93

Hello everyone and welcome to another Weekly Rewind. What a week it’s been in my little life. Lots of interesting, curious and exciting things have happened since we last met. I’ve actually been thinking of changing the title of this blog to “The Adventures Of A Curious Mind”, as it’s to mostly be about my life these days and not Linux or Open Source, though that’s a big part of it. The vast majority of posts here in the last 12 months have been simple round ups of my adventures, which probably also explains the drop off in reader stats. Suggested titles and thoughts on whether to change or not are welcome. Just leave a comment below. Right, enough of that, let’s get into it.

I’ll begin with Wednesday July 20th, when we last spoke. I did FLOSS Weekly 175 with Randal in the early evening. We talked to Paul Beckingham and Federico Hernandez, two of the Taskwarrior developers. I thought it was a fascinating show and I was most interested in the discussion of a server platform for this. That could be a massive thing. Like most people I want my tasks to sync between my phone, laptop, car, toaster or anything else with a circuit in it!!! Hehe 🙂

The following day I made my way down to Bold St to see Alexei Sayle do a book signing at News From Nowhere. I’d heard he was going to be in town from an email announcement list but not seen much advertising. Although as my friend Neil Morrin pointed out, they did have a sign right outside the shop. I’m not always the most observant person. I headed to the Nerve office upstairs and had a coffee with Neil while fixing an Ubuntu PC, or at least attempting to After that we headed down to the shop and sure enough there was Alexei sat at a table at the back. There wasn’t much of a queue which surprised me. In case you don’t know Alexei Sayle is a comedian, writer, actor and all round famous dude from Liverpool. He moved to London at a young age and has always had an interesting relationship with the city since, he still has that trademark scouse accent though. He’s probably best known for seminal sit-com The Young Ones and The Comic Strip Presents… series of films in the 1980’s. Lately he’s been concentrating on writing and he was actually signing copies of his memoirs that day. I bought a copy, got him to sign it and hung around a bit in the shop. We had a little chat and seemed to get on fairly well.

Alexei Sayle and I stood in the bookshop. Book cases behind us.
Alexei Sayle and I

Neil had suggested I interview Alexei and I’d brought my audio recorder, but I didn’t really think it would happen. Neil was true to his word though and the lady in the shop said she was ok with it, thankfully so did Alexei. We went into the back office and chatted for about half an hour. It was all very surreal as I’d never even seen him in real life before, let alone spoken to him. He was very gracious though and I thought we had a good back and forth. I played a slightly shortened version of this interview on the last Rathole Radio and I’ll release it in full here ASAP.

After that bizarre experience I had to dash back home as the landlord was due to inspect the flat. My initial 6 month lease ran out last week and it’s hard to believe I’ve been here that long. It’s been a whirlwind, but a joyous one. I’m now onto a rolling lease and hopefully I’ll be a here a good while longer. On Thursday evening I ventured to the Fulwood Arms in Aigburth for an open mic night. Adrian joined me and John McKerrell came down on his bike, which was nice. I played about 6 songs in the end and after a slow start I think the crowd warmed to me eventually. I’ll have to get down there again soon but Thursday night’s are usually taken up with band practice. It’s become a ritual over the last year.

On Friday I caught up with a load of jobs and admin stuff. Then headed down to the DoES Liverpool open day and checked out the new office in Hannover St. It’s very nice I must say. I like the location a lot and I think they can do some amazing things there. That brings us up to the weekend. I spent most of Saturday afternoon editing the Alexei Sayle interview and preparing for Rathole Radio the following day. I also met up with Adrian and we walked down to the Pier Head in the evening for the 100 year celebration of the Liver Building. We had a pint in the Baltic Fleet, met friends, and eventually wandered over to the see the projections. It was very cool and the Council must have spent a fortune on it. They had a company called Macula doing a special light show with music, lazers and projections. They made the Liver Building come alive and it was really cool. They also made the new museum building do some funky things with the building blocks moving. Apparently 100,000 people saw it over the 3 performances and there must have been 30,000 there on Saturday night. Following the show I headed up towards Parr St with Adrian and Tori, we were supposed to be meeting the others at a bar. As it happened though Tori said she was hungry and I was too. So we had a lovely meal in China Town, by the arch. The rest of our group had already left the bar and called it a night by the time we finished, even if it was only midnight. So I walked back up the hill with Adrian and found my way into a comfy chair at home. It was well needed by then I can tell you. I’ve embedded a little highlight video of the video projections below, this was posted by the Liverpool Echo.

I’m going to pick up the pace a little, otherwise we’ll be here all day. On Sunday I prepared for Rathole Radio and broadcast the show in the evening. Complete with interview. It went very well. On Monday afternoon I tried Google Hangout for the first time with Fab and many Linux Outlaws listeners. It works really well and we even came up with the concept for a new web TV show. We’ll see how that works out. In the evening I went to Dale St and rocked out with my band 20lb Sounds. It was a really great session and felt like we could do anything. We have 2 really good half hour sets of mostly original material now. We do seriously need to book some gigs though. If anyone has leads on that let me know. You can leave a comment here or send an email to dan AT danlynch DOT org.

Sometime in the last week I had the idea we should stock on interviews for Linux Outlaws to give us some breathing space around OggCamp. I’d arranged a lot of stuff and sent a flurry of emails in the wake of that. We recorded the first interview with Becky Hogge, former head of the Open Rights Group and now successful author. She was charming and fascinating as always. In the afternoon it was the turn of John Graham-Cumming author of The Geek Atlas. Somewhere in all this madness I released Rathole Radio 57 and found some time to pimp it a bit. We then got onto preparing the live show for the evening and performed it later. It went well and everyone seemed to enjoy following on Icecast and Ustream. Yesterday the Linux Outlaws revolving interview door was busy again as we recorded an interview with Christian Heilmann of Mozilla in the morning. He was really interesting and we must have talked for an hour. I’m going to edit that over the weekend. I also synced the Linux Outlaws recording and sent it back to Fab for editing, caught up on some work in the studio and bailed out a Drupal site I’d been working on. It had been filled with spam basically, one of the perils of open commenting.

Today I’ve been doing much of the same, while also writing this blog and enjoying a visit from my Dad. Phew! That brings us up to date, and that’s the abridged version.


Tonight I will get together with 20lb Sounds again and do some more practice. Tomorrow I hope will be a much quieter day, but I will be attending the Twitter pub crawl around Hope St in the evening. I hope to enjoy a much quieter weekend and rest up. It’s well deserved. OggCamp is looming large on the horizon and it’s just 2 weeks away now. There’ll be much more Linux Outlaws and another Rathole Radio before then though. Perhaps some FLOSS Weekly if they’ll have me, and I’ll produce some more Free As In Freedom. Together with a bit of music as I finally sort out my studio properly. Besides that who knows what celebrities I’ll run into or even interview in the next week. I’ll report back on that very soon.

Till then, take care.



  1. Hey Dan,

    since you mentioned it in the article: What do you use for syncing your tasks everywhere? Still trying to find the perfect sync solution here.
    Have a nice weekend!

    • Hi, how are you? Been a while since we hung out at Linux Tag. I use Astrid on my Android phone to manage my tasks, at the moment it’s connected to the Gmail for syncing. I used to use it with Remember The Milk but I think they removed that function when RTM changed their API. I don’t think it was Astrid’s fault but if I could sync to my own TaskWarrior server I’d been even happier. The server isn’t out yet as far as I know, it’s coming soon.

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