Weekly Rewind #96

O Hai! Welcome to another Weekly Rewind. Yeah I made a Lolcatz reference, so what? Some people may not like Lolcatz but I bloody love them. Simple things for simple minds and all that. Don’t worry I’m not going to write this whole post in “lolzspeak” though. My spell checker is already going mad at those couple of references. So, it’s been an eventful couple of weeks and there’s plenty to report. Let’s get into it…

I’ll pick up with last Wednesday (Aug 31st) when I joined Randal for another FLOSS Weekly on the TWIT Network. It was episode 180 but I resisted the temptation for darts jokes, you know I love darts. Anyway, our guest was Adam Armstrong of the Obeservium project. It’s a network monitoring tool and the philosophy behind it interested me. Adam kept telling us he was a network engineer and not a programmer but I think Randal put paid to his protestations in the end. It was a fun show and you can download it now in video or audio format.

After FLOSS I walked down to LEAF meet up with FreakyClown, an OggCamp veteran and fellow Linux geek. He’s from down South but was up in Liverpool for a couple of days work. I don’t know his real name and he does some top secret network security stuff for Government agencies and others. You know the “I could tell you but I’d have to kill you” kind of stuff. So I’m not sure anyone knows his full name. Maybe he doesn’t even have one, just a number. We were joined by Bob, Simon and Sebastian for a mini LivLUG meeting and good fun was had by all. On Thursday I was back in LEAF in the afternoon for Jelly Liverpool. It’s a co-working event for freelancers and people who work from home. I just went down to see some friends and have a chat really. Yeah, while everyone else was trying to work. I don’t think I distracted them too much though and they’re all used to me by now. I try hard not to disturb people but my incessant need to talk kicks in eventually. They had real jelly again which Allison had made. As the person who originally complained there was “no jelly at Jelly” I felt obliged to eat as much as I could, and it was very nice too. She went to a lot of trouble. Plus, who doesn’t like jelly? That’s Jello for my American friends, not the one we call jam over here.

Jimmy Cliff in a red outfit singing at his mic
The great Jimmy Cliff

After Jelly I headed up to Dale St to meet the 20lb boys and we started the long road back to match fitness with a rehearsal that was quite heavy going but needed to be done. We had some time away from rehearsing properly in the last 3 weeks with recording and other things. It was good to get back at it though. After that I headed home to pick up my tickets for the Jimmy Cliff gig at the Liverpool Philharmonic, then met up with Adrian outside. We saw quite a few Liverpool celebrities in the bar. Such as one of the scousers from Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. I’ve just been trawling IMDB and other places to find out his real name but I’m turning up a blank. All I can tell you is it wasn’t the one who used to be in Bread, the one who gets his afro shot. It was the other guy. Anyway, armed with this complete lack of knowledge unsurprisingly I decided not to approach him. That could have been awkward. “You’re boss mate… what’s your name again?”. I did have to fight the urge to walk up to him and say “I can see you’re the brains of the operation” in a Cockney accent though. If you’ve seen the film that’ll make some sense. The gig itself was just incredible. Not a word I throw around lightly. Jimmy Cliff hit the stage and immediately started jumping around and dancing with the energy of a teenager. Pretty impressive for a 64 year old bloke. His band were also brilliant, as you’d expect. He did “Many Rivers To Cross”, “I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone” and all his other classics. He opened with one of my personal favourites, “You Can Get It If You Really Want”. A song I always listen to when I feel down or like things are just getting too hard.

“Rome was not built in a day, opposition will come your way. But the hotter the battle you see, it’s the sweeter the victory!” Words to live by in my book.

I clapped like mad and sang along as everyone else did. It was a massive party and he did 3 encores, all deserved. You could see the band were loving it too and that makes a massive difference to the vibe of a concert I think. Afterwards Adrian and I walked over to the pub and spent some time setting the world to rights over beer. Politics, Philosophy and so on. All the stuff people usually discuss in pubs without doing much about it. At the end of the night I posted a message online. “We don’t know the answers but at least we know the questions”. It felt appropriate.

On Friday I took it much easier I’m pleased to say. I did join Fab to record a shorter version of Linux Outlaws and catch up on news though. That hasn’t been released yet but it will be soon. I also got to work on editing our guest show with Randal. On Saturday afternoon I walked over to the Philharmonic pub and met Alan Carr of Darkhorse Radio and Erk of Erk FM. Both fellow members of the Association Of Music Podcasting. Erk is on something of a tour right now. He’s over from Australia and he’s been travelling around Europe. He stopped in Liverpool for a few days so we showed him around some of the cool spots around town. I took him and Alan to LEAF obviously, my favourite haunt. Then we went to Studio 2 (Parr St) for coffee and also played some pool. It was a fun afternoon. We also recorded a long discussion about podcasting, music and other things. One thing is for sure, get 3 podcasters in a room and they have no trouble talking. After that I headed home for a rest. Made some food and finished editing Linux Outlaws 227 “Competitively Priced”.

On Sunday I spent most of the day listening to tracks and preparing a playlist for Rathole Radio that evening. I also went down to Dale St again and had a really good practice with the band. We’re getting back to 100% and the hard work is paying off. It doesn’t matter how good you are at playing an instrument or singing, you need to practice regularly. I learnt this recently. The next goal for the band is to mix the recordings we’ve done and get some gigs booked. I’ve really dragged my heels over that for too long this summer. It’s easy to get distracted in summer though, I think we’ll knuckle down as the winter draws in. I returned home tired but satisfied in the end. I made some chicken soup and settled down to get the rest of the show ready. As it turned out I was a bit late starting but people were very understanding and the show came out really well. I even played my rendition of the country classic “Sunday Morning Coming Down”. You can hear all that in Rathole Radio 60, which I released last night.

On Monday I caught up on a load of jobs. Recorded some new vocals for one of our 20lb songs and also did another live Linux Outlaws with Fab in the evening. That hasn’t been edited yet but should be out at the weekend. Yesterday I took it easier as the exertion of the weekend caught up with me. I did release a new Rathole Radio though and also met Erk again in the evening at LEAF. We watched the open mic night. The quality of the performers was a bit up and down. More so than usual, but some of them were very good and I’m always interested to see what other people are doing musically. He’s back off to Australia in a couple of weeks but it was good to spend some time chatting with a fellow music podcaster. We have to stick together and that’s what AMP is all about.

Right, I think that’s quite enough reflection on the last week. Let’s look at what’s coming up.


In a couple of hours time I’ll be doing another live FLOSS Weekly with Randal. Our guest project this week is libcloud and it’s not something I know much about. So I will be researching it right after I finish writing this. I’ll also be going to LivLUG tonight. There’s more band stuff to do tomorrow and there’ll be more Linux Outlaws next Monday. Not mention an episode of Free As In Freedom to produce. I’m sure there’s other stuff I’ve forgotten. I’ll tell you all about that next week.

Until then, take care of yourselves.


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