Weekly Rewind #99

We’re almost there, almost at number 100 but not quite. This is Weekly Rewind 99, which I think should be alternatively titled “Would you like a flake with that?”. I don’t know how well that joke translates Internationally but here in Britain a 99 Flake is a type of ice cream you often get on trips to the seaside. It usually comes served with a chocolate flake and costs 99p, hence the name. To be honest, with the state of the economy and inflation right now I wouldn’t be surprised if they no longer cost 99p. It’s been a while since I bought one. Perhaps it’s a 1.99 now or something. Anyway, enough ice cream discussion. Let’s talk about recent events…

Update: After some searching it seems the name of the 99 is not due to the price and the real reason is unconfirmed.

I’ll begin with last Tuesday (October 4th), when I released another episode of Rathole Radio. Number 62 to be precise and you can grab it from the website now. Speaking of the website, we will soon be upgrading to a newer and much better version. I have to thank Anna for all her help and encouragement with this. Tuesday was a busy podcasting day actually as there was another live Linux Outlaws in the evening. We’d moved the show to Tuesday and it was great fun as always. Fab released that later in the week as episode 232 “This is Not Going Anywhere”. There’s more Linux Outlaws talk to come but I’ll keep things in chronological order.

A picture of an ice cream cone with a chocolate flake on top. The 99.
An example of a 99 ice cream.

On Wednesday it was into podcast mode again as I took the reins of FLOSS Weekly while Randal was away. I actually booked the guest this time as well and brought in a friend from Liverpool. Francis Irving, CEO of ScraperWiki. I have many friends who work there and the office is just over the road from my flat. Despite this proximity we talked via Skype to make things easier for the TWIT folks. We were also joined by fellow Brit Simon Phipps in a UK takeover of the TWIT Network. An hour long UK takeover at least, tea and scones all round hehe ūüėČ You can grab that show from the TWIT website now and I encourage you to have a listen, it was much fun. Shortly after completing FLOSS I headed down to Bold Street to meet up with my fellow Liverpool based penguin fanatics at LivLUG, that’s Liverpool Linux User Group for the uninitiated. We had a talk from Paul Freeman about the upcoming Barcamp Liverpool which will be held in the DoES Liverpool offices on November 18th & 19th. Tickets are free but you need to book a place. I’ll be there obviously, so come along and say hello.

On Thursday I was down at LEAF again for Jelly Liverpool. The new wireless stuff I set up for them seems to be holding up well I’m pleased to say. Another victory for the Linksys WRT54GL with open source firmware. In the evening I headed over the water to rock out with 20lb Sounds. I’ll save much of the band and music talk for another post I think. Stay tuned for that. On Friday night I went to see The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui at the Liverpool Playhouse,¬†thanks to a good friend of mine who works there. I can’t say I’m too familiar with the work of German¬†play-write¬†Berthold Brecht and this version was translated by Stephen Sharkey. I won’t give a full review here as I’d like to do that in another post. I will say however that I enjoyed it immensely and I thought the cast¬†acquitted¬†themselves well. I don’t go to the theatre that often because it can be expensive but I do like it. I even got to poke around backstage afterwards and see the inner workings of the Playhouse. It brought back happy memories of my days as a theatre technician.

Over the weekend I wrote up a lot of the stuff that happened at the recent AND Festival and sent it off to various people for publication. I’ll report more on that as soon as I can. I actually neglected to mention earlier that I recorded an interview with artist John O’Shea about his Pig’s Bladder Football project on Friday afternoon. That will form part of my coverage of the event. It should be published via Defnet Media soon. I edited Free As In Freedom twice over the weekend. I say twice because I had compiled the show and sent it over to Bradley¬†when¬†he asked to add another section about important new developments. He seemed worried about how much extra work this would create for me but actually it was fine. I cheated and cut it into the final mix with the use of some sound effects for comedy value. You can get the show from their website now.

Finally, I should wrap up with some more podcasting talk. We recorded another live Linux Outlaws on Monday night. That hasn’t been released at the time of writing but should be out later in the week. We had planned to record the long overdue second episode of Leave Your Hat On this Tuesday but sadly our guest had an Internet outage. We’ll reschedule it ASAP. Last night I joined Aaron Newcomb for another¬†FLOSS Weekly, our guest project was SuperFeedr and I enjoyed the show very much. You can grab that from the TWIT website now.

Right, I think that about covers it. As always there’s so much else I could have told you but I like to keep some things under my hat. You never know when you’ll need them in future.


The next week or so should be very interesting. On Saturday I’ll head north for Barcamp Blackpool and I can’t wait. I had great fun last year. On Sunday there’ll be another live Rathole Radio at 9pm UK time. On Monday night there will be another live Linux Outlaws and I have no doubt there’ll be much more to report on. I’ll aim to do that before next weekend.

Until then, take care of yourselves.


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