Month: March 2012

Change Is Gonna Come

That’s right, Otis Redding famously sang the phrase and I’m gonna say it too. A change is gonna come. Ok, he was talking about segregation and civil rights in America and I’m talking about changing my website, but it’s still

I Have A Bad Feeling About This…

Jeff Bridges looking into a Time magazine mirror in The Big Lebowski

… Well actually I don’t. I have quite a good feeling about it. Check out this project to make an independent comedy film here in Liverpool. It’s about 2 Star Wars fans on a quest to get hold of tickets

Weekly Rewind #105

A picture of me performing at The Zanzibar in Feb 2012.

Well, well, well, it’s been a while hasn’t it? A month or more has passed with little activity here. My apologies. Someone asked the other day if the RSS feed on my blog was broken. I wish that were the