20lb Gig & Website Update

A picture of me performing at The Zanzibar in Feb 2012.
A pic from our Zanzibar gig in Feb – Photo by Dave Forbes

Hello, hello hello, I don’t know why you say goodbye I say hello. A bit of Beatles Tourette’s there, *ahem*. I’m sorry that writings have been sparse here in the last couple of weeks. It’s been busy. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed my weekly live song videos and podcasts in the meantime though. Today I just want to quickly draw your attention to the all new 20lb Sounds website. The keen eyed among you will notice that it now uses Tumblr for managing everything. I decided to do this to simplify things and also make it easier for us to post content from our mobiles. The Tumblr app for Android is great and it means we can keep regular updates and pictures coming without all the hassle. I’m also planning to post song lyrics and perhaps chord sheets for people to do cover versions of our tunes if they like. Cover versions like this slice of genius by David Marsden. He’s done his own version of Jimmy Carter with football lyrics.

The days of waiting months for an update to the 20lb website are gone and good riddance! So please spread the word amongst friends and help us to get people subscribing. I appreciate your help.

There’s also some quick gig news to relate. We’ll be playing at The Zanzibar in Liverpool this Saturday night, June 23rd at 8pm sharp. Come along and see us. It’s only 4 quid and we’re looking forward to turning up to 11 and rocking out after our recent acoustic gigs. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, it’s gonna be a party! More details on the website.

I’ll post a more meaty write up about what I’ve been up to in the near future I promise. Until then take care of yourselves and be lucky 🙂



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