Engage Smug Mode

Kryten the android from Red Dwarf who used to talk about smug mode
Engaging smug mode… smug mode engaged.

Hello folks, just a quick follow up to my post on progress (or lack of it) at Liverpool FC under new manager Brendan Rodgers. Thanks to everyone who sent replies and gave opinions. It was really good discussing it on various social networks and all that. Some people agreed with my argument that Rodgers does know what he’s doing and needs time to build new foundations, others did not; which is exactly as it should be.

I posited the theory that Liverpool were playing well and would hammer some team convincingly in the near future. Yesterday they beat Norwich City 5-2 and looked pretty imperious in the process. Of course we can’t get carried away and it’s only the fist baby step towards getting our season back on track. However, I am feeling pretty smug that my prediction came true and wishing I’d put money on it now.

A small group of people sent silly or abusive comments that LFC were finished and Rodgers would be out in a few weeks. Relegation inevitable, all that kind of crap. To those people I’d just like to leave you with this short video….

Lots of work still to do, let’s keep going and try to build from here. Other defeats will inevitably come throughout the season but I still firmly believe Rodgers is on the right track. Things will get better if he’s given time and space to assemble a young team.

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